August 23rd, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

The Alliance Photo battle is back and this week we have two classic solid grabs facing off. Both photographers used a narrow depth of field to make the rider pop and let the tricks speak for themselves. It’s your job to decide which photo is better.

Photo 1: Zach Alvis by Myrick Cowart

Photo 2: Trent Howard by Lydia Key

Which photo should continue on?

  • Photo 2 by Lydia Key (52%, 199 Votes)
  • Photo 1 by Myrick Cowart (48%, 183 Votes)

Total Voters: 383

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This Alliance Photo battle is brought to you by Nike 6.0. The winning photo will go on to compete again and be eleigible to win a pair of shoes from Nike 6.0. Think you have a photo that can compete? Submit it for your chance to win!

10 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: August 23, 2010”


    Trent is a really sick rider! It is amazing how much progress he has made in the last couple of years that i’ve known him. Best of all, he has the attitude that will make him go even further. Keep rocking CHAMP!

  2. that guy Says:

    not really feeling either, they’re both pretty boring.

  3. Dirty Money Says:

    Zach’s pic is sick! I bet Zach could tail grab Trint right in the face!

  4. William Clay Says:

    im diggin the batwing!

  5. iWinch Says:

    Zach’s Fabio hair is really flappin’ in the breeze! Really fun day! Thanks again Myrick!!! I like both pics.


  6. Lauren C Says:

    i think this is one of the better photo contest from this site. its both wakeboarding and photography at its purist. There is no special editing or lighting in the photos. There are no rails or winch gaps, just great off the wake style. My vote is for lydia’s photo. It doesn’t hurt that trent is freakin hott!! :)

  7. josh Says:

    Dirty money its Trent with an e idiot, and diesel wud crank that batwing n Zachs face all day then teach him how to dougie!

  8. mary Says:

    You bet trent is HOT!!!!!!! That photo is awsome!

  9. Amy Says:

    I hate I missed getting to vote for this one, Trent is by far the best!! and definitely a cutie!!

  10. Suz Says:

    Trent is ridiculously hot!! And his picture is the best!


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