December 14th, 2009 by alliance


The cable is quickly becoming a driving force in our sport — it has to the potential to bring the magic of wakeboarding to anyone, boat owner, or not. And even if you personally don’t want to ride cable, there’s no denying it. So for this week, we’ve got two cable shots facing off. And frankly, the pull is the only real similarity (and even then…), so we leave if up to you to decide which is better.

Photo 1 by Riley Bangerter


Photo 2 by Áron Süveg


Just vote for the one you like better (we are retarded)

  • Aron Suveg's (53%, 606 Votes)
  • Riley Bangerter's (47%, 548 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,154

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This Alliance Photo Battle is brought to you by Arnette Sunglasses. The winner of the battle will receive a prize package including the Agent shades and maybe some other goodies. For information on entering your own photo in the battle, go here.

17 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: December 13, 2009”

  1. james Says:

    Áron Süveg by a looooong shot. Not even a competition

  2. Facebook User Says:

    love the color on Aron’s comp…

  3. Joe Says:

    Looks like Cable vs. Winch

  4. Riley B Says:

    Aron’s Shot is Dope!

  5. Sjors Says:

    Ooops… Second shot is behind a winch indeed. So no cable. So that make the first shot the winner for me….

  6. brookegeery Says:

    Dang… you guys are right. so it’s cable vs winch, but you still just vote for the photo you like better, cool?

  7. Joe Says:

    The question IS which makes cable look better, obviously the cable shot

  8. Anon Says:

    If the cable park had waterfalls in it it would look a lot cooler anyone can shoot with a sepia filter

  9. B-Side Says:

    Riley’s shot is the only cable shot here! He got shaffted!

  10. Nicki Says:

    photo battle: Aron’s shot is better!!!!

  11. drew Says:

    is that not a system 2? it says up top the pull is the same so its gotta be cable. ya thats a system for sure

  12. Jon Ready Says:

    Aron u rock this one! Congratulations my friend!

  13. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Its pulled by a winch at the red bull upstream contest in Slovenia

  14. Sam Says:

    Riley’s shot is beautiful! I love the colors! Great work!

  15. Brandon Says:

    Riley’s shot makes me want to ride more, it looks tropical and warm compared to cold and harsh

  16. bela kun Says:

    Aron is the winner!!!!! God job! Great work!


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