December 28th, 2009 by garrettcortese


This week we’re back to some boat action, and we have two very similar, yet still distinctly different photos to chose from. Both are shot from a tube behind the rider and both are framed in a similar manner, but from there things are very different. The shot by Riley uses a flash to fill in the rider since they are shooting into the sun, which also means it is shot at a slower shutter speed (causing the water streaks and some blur). The shot by Matthew is black and white, and shot going away from the sun. Both are well thought out and well executed. Now it’s up to you e-viewers out there to decide which one you like best. Vote away!

Photo 1: Riley Bangerter


Photo 2: Matthew Roy


Which shot makes you feel the most warm inside?

  • Matthey Roy's (54%, 528 Votes)
  • Riley Bangerter's (46%, 456 Votes)

Total Voters: 984

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This Alliance Photo Battle is brought to you by Arnette Sunglasses. The winner of the battle will receive a prize package including the Agent shades and maybe some other goodies. A new battle begins every Monday; for information on entering your own photo in the battle, go here.

25 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: December 28, 2009”

  1. Kimberly Semer Says:

    Matthey Roy’s is my vote

  2. Larry Olah Says:

    Matthew Roy’s is my vote

  3. Laura Semer Says:

    Matthew Roy’s is my vote

  4. RileyB Says:

    Yeah Matt! Good luck Buddy!

  5. prophotographer Says:

    matt roy black and white just popss more

  6. Matt Roy Says:

    Hell yeah Riley, Good luck to you too.

  7. Lindsaybell Says:

    Matt you’re sick!

  8. Mish Says:

    Keep it flat. takes more control

  9. barbara Says:

    Matt Roy definately! Crisp, sharp with a splash.

  10. Jose Says:

    Matthew Roy! Hell yeah!

  11. Chris Jones Says:

    I vote for Matt Roy!

  12. Natalie Says:

    Riley, nicely done! As most know, taking a photo into the sun is not easy.

  13. Aaron Says:

    Sick shot Riley!

  15. Anon Says:

    Look at the yellow reflection of the sun off the water and on the bottom of the board in riley’s shot! Sick!

  16. DPC Says:

    yeah baby Triple B!

  17. Riley Says:

    What’s triple b?

  18. Jackie Beck Says:

    Matt Roy Fo sure !

  19. matt Says:

    Riley and brodie all the way.

  20. Mike shoe Says:

    Brodie sucks but Riley’s photo is sick

  21. Tara Says:

    I vote for Matt Roy!

  22. Nestor Says:

    Matt Roy Gets my Vote! Nostalgic and warm B&W!

  23. RICH Says:

    MATT got his rip on!!

  24. pp Says:

    I’m with Matthew on this one.

  25. Dan Reitz Says:

    Wow!!!! Nice Matt!!!! Looks AWESOME!!!!


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