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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… welcome to the second Alliance Photo Battle. Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the first two competitors in this digital gauntlet, both hoping to continue on for a shot at the grand prize. In case you need a refresher, here’s how things are going to work.

- Two photos battle each week.

- Online viewers vote for the picture they think is best.

- Winning photo from each battle will be automatically entered into the final tournament.

- Losing photo will be forced to suffer in e-purgatory.

Start your MyBook/FaceSpace engines, ’cause the battling begins NOW!

To submit your photo for consideration please email

This week we bring you two similar photos of riders getting boosted off the double up. You make the choice of who captured the moment of boost better. Leave a comment if you like the photos or if you think you could do better….

Photo #1 by Scott Hutson

Photo #2 by Andy Judson

Which Photographer Deserves To Carry On?

  • Photo#2 by Andy Judson (53%, 375 Votes)
  • Photo #1 by Scott Hutson (47%, 330 Votes)

Total Voters: 705

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28 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: Hutson vs Judson”

  1. Scott Hutson Says:

    Thanks for bringing this contest back!!!

  2. Stultz Clothing Co Says:

    Scott does great work, he has always delivered for us. Glad to see him in the lead.

  3. Kt Bradley Says:

    I agree with Dave.. We <3 Scott!

  4. Billy Harris Says:

    Scott has an eye for amazing shoot and does wonderful work!!!

  5. hater Says:

    1. Scott -> X-process action with lots of vignette and foreground.
    2. Andy -> Centered, hot highlights and tight composition.
    2>1 IMO

  6. schwing Says:

    i agree with above

  7. Cherry Says:


  8. Holaaaaa Says:

    the first shot is so out of focus and then he just threw a filter in there to cover it up….

  9. KYLE Says:

    Hutsons pic for sure………..HATER ARE THE FIRST FORM OF FLATTERY

  10. hater Says:

    Ah, nope. Just able to distinguish between a photo I like and a trashcan photo that’s been polished in photoshop.
    Shoot & study more.

  11. Scott Hutson Says:

    This is supposed to be about the photo you like and not about trashing the photo/photographer you don’t.

  12. hater Says:

    Don’t have anything against you. Sorry. :)

  13. Bryan Swarm Says:

    both are sick but hutson is out of focus, and judson is a hair over exposed.. not a hater just sayin

  14. Stultz Clothing Co Says:

    Last time I checked there was no rule in the photo rule book that requires a piece of photography to be “in focus” This is art work and is up to the photographer to determine what is right and wrong according to his/her vision. If we want to base photos solely on focusing ability then go open the JC Penny catalog while I puke my guts out, tons of great “focus” in there. Both are actually out of focus, under/over exposed, composition is not perfect, rule of 1/3s not really followed, etc. However, all these imperfections make them great photos. I would say if you are solely basing a photo as “quality” on focus, take a photo class, shoot next to the best in the world in NYC and then you will understand it aint all about focus. Cheers.

  15. kinda irritated Says:

    Scott’s is out of focus, thus making it a crappy photo… it would be one thing if this was intentional, but it wasn’t. Also you think after adding all those layers, vignetting, color correction, etc… he’d could of at least adjusted the horizon!! Composition is key my friend… e.g. it looks like the riding is about to fall off of the top of the photo, but there is ample negative space on the bottom of the photo. Its just my opinion but is this really the best you can do? As for Judson’s photo; little up on the contrast and saturation, loosen up on your framing and stop photographing girl wakeboarders. @Stultz Clothing Co. I might take your criticism and defense with a little more seriousness if I hadn’t seen your ads… maybe you should take a class- or at least find your self a new photographer… when it comes to avant garde photography spatial risks and focus risks are accepted… when it comes to action sports where your product is being displayed, if its not in focus how do we know what we are looking at?

    photo quote of the day: photoshop should be used like an emory board, not a chain saw… have more faith in your skills as a shooter and stop over editing your photos.

    Jeez. alliance must be hard up for photo battle contestants.

  16. Adobe Says:

    I feel like we deserve this win more than anyone else.

    We wear an XL t-shirt and we’re out of coozies. Just sayin.

  17. MS paint Says:

    OH! you shut your mouth Adobe

  18. Andy Judson Says:

    Mr. Kinda Irritated, why should I stop photographing girl riders?

  19. kinda irritated Says:

    @Judson; Relax cassanova, I was being funny, shoot what ever you want… but if you want a little attention on your photo, here ya go…

    Ease up on the contrast- it has done nothing for you but overexpose your photo, if you want your rider to ‘pop’ shoot with a faster aperture. Why don’t you loosen you frame up a bit, just cause you have a zoom doesn’t mean you need to use all of it. The rider was coming towards you so I bet the next frames are out of focus… even this one wasn’t perfect- looks like you spent some time sharpening this pic in photoshop, the rider looks kinda fake…. but then again, who am I to judge either of these photos?

  20. Andy Judson Says:

    I appreciate the tips:) But you’re right the contrast was very high in this photo, but the overexposure was intentional. I had a hard time separating the rider from the background and overexposing allowed the background to lose some detail and allow the rider to pop more. Faster apertures would for sure help, but I still managed a slightly blurred background at whatever this shot was taken at (probably around F5). I never bumped the saturation (i usually never do) but I actually had to chop the vibrance a bit because the colors were so extreme in this shot (the lighting was unbelievably perfect). You can tell this if you look at the monster logo, chopping the vibrance made it a little yellow-ish rather than the typical bright green. But the subsequent photos weren’t out of focus because there were no subsequent photos:) One shot one kill. No sharpening either, it really was the light that made this shot look so crisp. And you are the judge(s) of these photos!! That’s why we put them up here, so go crazy with the comments either positive or negative!

  21. kinda irritated Says:

    haha, you’re a pretty cool guy Judson, keep up the work!

  22. hater Says:

    Good attitude dude. It will take you a lot further than getting super defensive. Criticism is a great way to learn and you’ll progress faster..

  23. Monica Rowe Williams Says:

    Awesome photo Scott! You are a great photographer and I am so excited to see you in the lead! I am also glad that I was right beside you when you took this one!!

  24. Says:

    +10 for the comment “shoot with a faster aperture”

  25. Stultz Clothing Co. Says:

    @kinda irritated which ads are you referring too? Appreciate your opinion but strongly disagree w/ your argument of focus. However if you re-read my post you will see I pointed out a lot of the imperfections in both photos already. However, I strongly agree with your photoshop comment too many people do abuse it.

  26. just a fan, not a photographer Says:

    this argument is like saying Picasso was out of focus, or coloring outside the line…….to each his own….anyone that argues is retarded…….i dont see their photos on alliance….and even when you do…..i dont think ive seen a picture that was taken without some sort of editing to it…….REMEMBER THE PRESS THE BUTTON TO CHARGE THE FLASH…… that was photography

  28. Eli Kean Says:

    Focus is everything. No one intentionally misses their focus on the subject. Don’t try to pull the “artist expression” excuse.

    Simple as that.


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