March 22nd, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

This week’s photo battle is a little something different. Instead of a single shot, the photographers opted to piece together sequences, so we’re running with it. You may be tempted to vote for the harder trick (we’re aware this is a 180 vs a front to blind) but remember, this isn’t a trick contest, it’s a photo contest. So which photo sequence do you like better?

Matt Peevy’s front-to-blind sequence on the System

Weston Uptagrafft’s Backside 180 sequence at OWC

Which sequence do you like better?

  • Matt Peevy's (61%, 296 Votes)
  • Weston Uptagrafft's (39%, 192 Votes)

Total Voters: 488

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This month’s photo battles brought to you by Oakley. The winner will receive a pair of Gascan Sunglasses, a Square O T-shirt and some stickers. To submit your photo for the photo battle, check out the submission guidelines here

12 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: March 22, 2010”

  1. pwieland Says:

    peavy shot just looks too sick looks like the rider is going to pop out of the photo.

  2. nicb Says:

    I prefer Uptagrafft’s….granted he didn’t do the best job lining up the background, look at the battleship, I think his angle is better and his timing/spacing of the shots is a little better.

  3. bandit Says:

    peevy’s shot for sure… not to hate both of the shots are good but the dude doesnt even put a grab in the second shot

  4. luke Says:

    Matt Peevy’s sequence is for sure the best of the two. It has a lot more dynamic of a composition and pieced the shots together nicer. Good photography combined with good editing.

  5. Bill Says:

    Both are really good, but Matt Peevy’s shot is unbelievable. Great angle and photography work!!!

  6. Allegra Says:

    No doubt…absolutely vote for Peevy’s! I think the color and move make the shot. More captures of the entire move sequence line-up make for a fantastic composition! Great job to both though.

  7. kalebhorn Says:

    Uptagrafft’s just because i was there and damn it was cold!

  8. Nick Murray Says:

    Peeve’s scene is better plus he didn’t have to sepia it

  9. Kari Lambrechts Says:

    MATT PEEVYs picture is sweeeeeeeeeeet.

  10. Anthony Lovejoy Donovan Says:

    Definitely Matt Peevy’s: it’s a lot more pleasing to my eye at least

  11. Brian W Says:

    I like how Peevy caught each tweak of the positions throughout the trick, no apparent “broken” sections from the start of the trick to the end, where the 2nd to last and the last of Uptagrafft’s seems like there’s somethin’ missin': the approach, the turns thru the trick are good, but the way it goes from the rider is starting to land on the downside of the trick in midair to riding away just doesn’t quite sell it to me, the Sepia tone and hash marks on the corners are a cool touch to it, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that there’s that one spot that looks missing between the 2nd to last and last shot of the rider. the gaps between the last few pieces of the shot just gap further apart. I gotta agree w/luke, bill and allegra; the editing in peevy’s was better from start to finish. call me too critical, but that’s just what I see, good try for Uptagrafft though.

  12. Bill Says:

    Wow on Peevys! Look at how he has the detail like the rope in each photo and how he layered one over the other. Uptagraffts doesn’t do that. I like the right to left arch angle on Peevys where it’s coming at you then curves back. Uptagraftts is straight across left to right. Peevy’s awesome. Uptagrafts’s good.


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