January 16th, 2012 by alliance

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… Welcome to the Alliance Wake Photo Battle MEGA FINALS! Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the final five competitors in this digital gauntlet, all hoping to win the Buywake.com grand prize pack and bragging rights forever! The winner of this final battle will be crowned the Second Alliance Wake Photo Battle champion. Each photo has battled their way to be here and the competition is still tough. Let the best photo win the honor and the Buywake.com prize!

Photo #1 Chris Pate

Photo #2 Randy Murray

Photo #3 Matt Roy

Photo #4 Robin Mazurel

Photo #5 Mikhail Serbin

Choose wisely because only 1 photo can win!

Which Photographer Deserves To Be Champion?

  • Photo #4 Robin Mazurel (38%, 1,669 Votes)
  • Photo #5 Mikhail Serbin (34%, 1,485 Votes)
  • Photo #3 Matt Roy (18%, 768 Votes)
  • Photo #2 Randy Murray (5%, 238 Votes)
  • Photo #1 Chris Pate (5%, 218 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,365

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15 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: Mega Finals! by BuyWake.com”

  1. fvckit Says:

    obviously serbin will win it on being balls out, but pate deserves 2nd i doubt those other guys would ollie a skiff in the flats strapped in much less on a skate. Does anyone have any footy of serbin or know if he rode that one out

  2. fvckit Says:

    correction thats the photographer, whose the rider and does anyone have footy of the spillway attempt, thanks

  3. Brymza Says:

    Serbin the best for sure!

  4. Евгений Says:

    Сербин лучший))

  5. Yeti Says:

    Mazurel – 150 votes in 5 days an then over 700 votes in one night. Ok.

  6. Monique Says:

    Done…and good luck with the rest :-)

  7. photoabc Says:

    guys… the shot of mazurel is a joke right ? high class photo battle ha. ha. ha. seriously sooo damn bad

  8. wakepromario Says:

    @photoabc .. Its obvious that theres some jealousy, but shot of mazurel
    Is a nice one, theres a feeling to it.. And okay serbins photo is the best i agree
    But dont be such a dick and post such comments on this site, it wont change a
    Damn thing that you like another photo instead of mazurels one.. Its democratic chosen

  9. Dmitry Says:

    Looks like Robin Mazurel is cheating the voting!

  10. wakepromario Says:

    How can he cheat the voting? If he wins with almost 200 votes more than serbin?
    Like he can cheat 1600 votes, that sound rediculous.. But i think serbin is better but if everyone votes on mazurel and thats the decision of the voters..nobody cares about your oppinion

  11. elena Says:


  12. OlegT Says:

    social networks do wonders,
    let it remain on the conscience

  13. Dmitri Says:


  14. artem Says:

    serbin unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ikota Says:

    couple of weeks ago serbin was at the top. and then boom, mazurel comes out of nowhere. looks like real cheat.


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