October 4th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

This week we have a battle of Hyperlite B-Sides. Two different riders, two very different tricks, but the same brightly colored Hyperlite board. Now it’s up to you to decide which shot is better.

Photo 1 by Riley Bangerter

Photo 2: Adam Wensk by Jillian Downey

Which photo do you think should continue on?

  • Photo 1 by Riley Bangerter (50%, 387 Votes)
  • Photo 1 by Jullian Downey (50%, 384 Votes)

Total Voters: 771

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This Alliance Photo battle is brought to you by Nike 6.0. Which ever photo wins will go on to compete for a prize from Nike 6.0. Think you have a photo that can compete? Submit it for your chance to win!

12 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: October 4, 2010”

  1. keithlant Says:

    i thought this was an am contest? how come the dude who thinks he owns cali keep sending his pics in. not saying their bad pics but come on

  2. trey Says:

    Who owns cali?

  3. Screen Designs-Brad Chaboya Says:

    dude awesome, another great picture from Riley. hyperlite rocks and norcal

  4. breanna bland Says:

    Great picture Jillian Downey

  5. Kman Says:

    Owns Cali? You must not know Riley he is pretty much over Cali..

  6. Riverrat Says:

    Jillian you know the quality of this pic is due to the excellent boat driver pulling adam!!!???

  7. B RITT Says:

    Jillian’s shot def shows off the sick graphics of the b-side! Plus Adam rips!

  8. Jarrod Corby Says:

    Nice shot Riley! Strictly speaking, I think the shot is better than Jillian, although Jillian’s is nice and I enjoy seeing riders using the natural terrain in their riding. We ride the river a lot and have a lot of snags.

    Back to the photo. The lighting in Riley’s shot is perfect, and the colors of the graphics fly off the screen at you. My eyes are drawn to the water in the foreground, recently rippled glass. Then up to the splash(which is also in focus with the rider, then up to the telephone/powerline pole in the background. Last but not least the textbook 4-finger grab, like its a wad of hundred dollar billz.

    To all the haters! We love you! If you dont like who’s getting the play, take some pics and fight the battle with your own submissions. Maybe its just me.

    Lets go ride.


  9. Luker Says:

    The skyline in Riley’s shot is boring…. the drab lighting and slanted horizon in Jillian’s shot are dull and distracting.

    Not a fan of either shot… but Riley’s is definitely the better of the two.

    Just my $0.02 Flame away :)

  10. keithlant Says:

    all im sayin is that i thought this contest was started to get young kids into shooting with their friends on the lake and promote these photographers in a different way online other then the forum which is awesome and maybe a video contest would be sick to see kids do some day as well. now what im getting at is, as good as a shot that guys riley’s is (because i actually like it a lot) i dont feel he should be eligible for this contest seeing that he has gotten checks from alliance and wakeboard mag. i would think that he has “made it” in a sense, thus making him ineligible. it would kind of be like if koston was in one of the YOUnited nation videos. just unfair to the others.

  11. KillerCam Says:

    Pretty sure this isn’t an amature only battle. Haven’t we seen shots from Rodrigo, Big Spence, etc? Haters will hate..

    Props to both of these riders/photographers.
    My vote is for Riley and Brodie.

  12. Wakestyle21 Says:

    You should only be able to compete and enter one time.Riley shouldn’t be able to enter so many photos. Plus… For being a “pro” Riley’s photo isn’t that great. My vote is for Jillian


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