September 13th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

This week in the battle it’s USA vs. Canada. Matt Fruge’s down home Texas shot come out on top last week, so we decided to import a challenger from the great white North. MEKA shot this photo of Jimmy Franzen in Vancouver, BC, and now it’s up to you to decide who captured the moment better.

The Champ: Matt Fruge

The Challenger: MEKA

Which photo do you like week?

  • The Champ: Matt Fruge (50%, 801 Votes)
  • The Challenger: MEKA (50%, 787 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,587

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This Alliance Photo battle is brought to you by Nike 6.0. Should the champion win, he’ll take home a prize from Nike 6.0. If not, the challenger will go on to compete again! Think you have a photo that can compete? Submit it for your chance to win!

43 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: September 13, 2010”

  1. MEKA Says:

    thank you to all who enjoy my photo of Jimmy
    your votes are much appreciated

  2. nfoster Says:

    Looking good Jimmy!

  3. Jeremy Says:

    nice air jimbo

  4. lance Says:

    just so yall know the guy driving the boat in the champs photo is pretty damn sexy..

  6. Denise Farris Says:

    Just something about those TEXAS blue sky’s does it for me! Go Matt go!!!

  7. Brandie Says:

    I belive the other guy thats not from canidian to win, it was a poll im sorry!!

  8. Lee Broussard Says:

    got the hotts for that guy drivin the boat, huh lance? hmmm….

    TEXAS B!T(h!!!

  9. lance Says:

    ohh yeah, something about a mirror that just loves me;))))

  10. bsnapp Says:

    Vote texas people

  11. Leslie Anthony Says:

    there is NO WAY that’s in Vancouver. Maybe Kelowna or some other Interior area of B.C.

  12. Meka Says:

    Vancouver is where Jimmy and I are both from. If you want the specifics photo shot on allisson lake, half hour north of Merritt. Great little lake to ride. And a really cool clay like moutain as a backdrop.

  13. kim Says:

    Both photos are great but the first one is much more interesting to look at.

  14. Carolyn Says:

    How is the Canadian dude ahead. The rider is just kinda there, not doing anything…just sayin

  15. Christopher Savage Says:

    He is definitely more than “just kinda there.” Just Sayin’… That looks like a pretty stylish poked out indy type grab (if thats what its called in wakeboarding)… The other photo in my opinion is kinda tailfish and it looks pretty twirly! I don’t wakeboard but I like the photo that Meka submitted. The photo is bad ass it looks kinda rugged with the mountain in the background…

  16. Dbecks Says:

    hmmm…maybe because he’s twenty feet in the air basically cruising on the highway and the other guy is doing a simple grab that lots of beginners can do no problem, the camera man is the guy who captured a nice view and it just so happens theres a wake boarder in the way. the other photo is a mix a great wakeboarding and beautiful northern BC scenery.

    enough said

  17. lmoney Says:

    Agreed. Photo two is weak sauce. I could have done that in my first month of wakeboarding. And its sad because there is no possible way a random viewing wakeboarder would vote meka. That fool is definitely repetatively voting for himself to have that many votes and be winning.

  18. yacin Says:

    wakeboarding , cool water blue skys, big air. Only one of these pictures does that for me. Let’s go matt

  19. juice Says:

    The Guy in the second pic definitely has some big air, but not enough color or depth in the shot I think. I really hate how some people on here are so biased and keep trying to tear down the riders. Mobe grab vs wake to wake contest. I might have read wrong, but did somebody write that the bottom trick is harder than the top? Really? And ive seen the GORGEOUS B.C. scenery before…that’s not it. Good photos. .good riders.. good luck.

  20. Ash Says:

    FYI the kid in the second pic, Jimmy is only 16 and has got more style than some of you will ever have.
    Just saying. Oh it’s off adouble up an he went this high thirty in a row…

  21. taylor Says:

    Nobody is hating on the rider or the style its the picture bro…. Matt’s picture just has more depth to it than meka’s but the rider in meka’s is getting some sick air and a styling poke … and to whoever said a beginner could do that isn’t a wakeboarder.

  22. kim Says:

    forget the pictures….who still uses Zapafino…seriously

  23. James Palmer Says:

    No question, it is Jimmy all the way!

  24. Ross Ferraro Says:

    jimmy for sure.. hes from BC and is already at a disadvantage cause hes baked…. the texas dude is sober as a judge with only 5 feet of air compaired to 20… all u jimbo!!!

  25. Joe Iss Says:

    Jimmy frandsen is an awesome wakeboarder, jimmy all the way

  26. Money Says:

    To be fair E$ (Rider in Matt’s pic) is an OG for sure.

  28. al Says:

    juicy all the way!

  29. Smitch Says:


  30. taylor Says:

    also money isn’t 5 feet in the air that’s a sacked out bu the rope is above the tower

  31. Chris Leger Says:

    Dollar Dollar bills y’all….Matt’s photo for sure, its no contest! I mean really….

  33. David Robertson Says:

    come guys everyone support SETXS very own matt fruge vote now

  34. Hugh Roberts Says:

    The meka picture is dirt. no one wants to look at dirt… fruge picture is super classy. no one likes Canadians anyways.

  35. David Robertson Says:

    wow meka blatently cheating we all know that fruges photo is legit

  36. Auzzy Says:

    pfft meka’s photo is too lagit to quit. matt’s is gay.

  37. David Robertson Says:

    of course that would come from an auzzy

  38. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    yea thats total bs…. fruges photo is wayyy sicker… plus that indy poke is weak and the background isnt even cool… the rider looks grey… mekas photo aint got sh!t

  39. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    oh i thought it was over ha

  40. asdf Says:

    This is retarded! If the rocks are REALLY a better picture then so be it…however, this vote count is f*cked.

  41. Eric Says:

    Good job guys, both photos are extremely good, tough to vote. I like the color contrast in MEKA’s photo, but the lighting is amazing in Matt’s photo

  42. Matt Fruge Says:

    Thanks for all the votes! I really appreciate all the support!

  43. jensen willhensen Says:

    Both photos are weak.
    Thanks for coming out.


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