September 6th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Shooting from the tube can be fun and get you great shots. This week, both photographers were floating along at high speed, but came up with very different photos thanks to rope length. The decision now comes to you, do you prefer Josh Turner’s shot from in front of the rider, or Matt Fruge’s shot behind the rider? Vote!

Photo 1 by Josh Turner

Phot0 2 by Matt Fruge

From the front or the back? Which photo should continue on?

  • Matt Fruge's shot from the back (68%, 156 Votes)
  • Josh Turner's shot from the front (32%, 72 Votes)

Total Voters: 229

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This Alliance Photo battle is brought to you by Nike 6.0. The winning photo will go on to compete again and be eligible to win a prize from Nike 6.0. Think you have a photo that can compete? Submit it for your chance to win!

10 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: September 6, 2010”

  1. Denise Farris Says:

    Matt’s photo is interesting to look at for several reasons. Depth, definition, better perspective where the rider is in relation to the boat and the trick is always better with a grab!

  2. LoGnar Says:

    Both have grabs Denise…
    But good points otherwise.

  3. legit or not Says:

    the 2nd photo is grabbing in a non legit spot. so therefor, it doesn’t even count.

  4. shut up Says:

    both grabs are in the same spot genius, you are a ra-tard.

  5. Denise Farris Says:

    I stand corrected on the grabs. Still vote the same though.

  6. Jake Sonnevelt Says:

    Theres just something with a shot that is from behind with the boat in it with only one person driving

  7. sashschwing Says:

    i like it from the back

  8. Justin O'Neill Says:

    matt’s photo all the way

  9. Jason Keller Hudson Says:

    both these shots are spectacular! finally some good photos. My vote is Matt… solid ad worthy post editing chops.

  10. Blake Snapp Says:

    I agree with Jake. Matts shot is sick and seeing the boat with only the driver in it does something for the picture.


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