Rookie of the Year (wakeboard)

Mike Dowdy


Don’t turn your back on Mike Dowdy in 2014 – you’re likely to miss something insane…   Photo: Cortese

Coming into the 2013 season, we knew that Mike Dowdy was poised to make noise. His dominance over the junior pro division in 2012 coupled with his innovative approach to riding set the table for Dowdy to do big things this year. He didn’t disappoint. The Michigan native made multiple podium appearances on tour and landed tricks that had never been done with relative ease (double mute half-cab roll and double roll to blind). We are pumped to see how Dowdy’s riding and impact on the sport continue to evolve.



The G forces have not had an adverse affect on the shape of Dowdy’s face.    Photo: Cortese


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See what we mean about not turning your back on Mike Dowdy?    Sequence: Cortese