January 1st, 2014 by alliance

Rookie of the Year (wakeskate)

Clement Depremonville


The French invasion of wakeskating State-side continued in 2013 in epic fashion with the emergence of Clement Depremonville. It’s a good thing wakeskating is a universal language, because understanding Clement in English can be difficult. We’re pretty sure most of the people in America riding with Clement have no idea what he’s saying 95% of the time, but his riding speaks volumes. Clement charges with a reckless abandon that seems to carry through in nearly every aspect of his life. To put it simply, the kid is a lot of bit crazy. But that’s okay. We’re stoked to see what Clement has in store for us in 2014 – be it goofy French interviews at the Wakeskate Tour, a podium finish or two, some crazy Euro dancing, or any combination of the three.


3 Responses to “Alliance Superlatives 2013 – Wakeskate Rookie of the Year”

  1. lonnie Says:

    clem had 0 photos published in alliance…

  2. woo! Says:

    WOO! i love this kid

  3. Jim Says:

    Yeah Clem! Good work!

    Who cares if he got photos published? He is still the rookie of the year!


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