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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… welcome to the Alliance Video Battle at Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the first two competitors in this digital gauntlet, both hoping to continue on for a shot at the super schwaggy prize pack. In case you need a refresher, here’s how things are going to shake out.

- The following videos made it to Semi Finals!

- Online viewers vote for the video they think is best

- Winning video from each battle will be automatically entered into the final tournament

- Losing video will be forced to suffer in e-purgatory (we don’t know what that means yet, but we’ll come up with something appropriate)

Start your MyBook/FaceSpace engines, ’cause the battling begins NOW!

Prizes courtesy of your one stop for everything wake!

Round 1 – 12 videos- 6 winners – $50 gift cert at Buywake
Round 2 – 6 videos – 3 winners – $100 Gift Certificate at Buywake
Final round – 3 videos – grand prize

Video #1 Andrew Curr

Video #2 Norbi Vasko

Which Videographer Deserves To Carry On?

  • Video #1 Curr (51%, 2,516 Votes)
  • Video #2 Vasko (49%, 2,438 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,953

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… welcome to the Alliance Video Battle at Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the first two competitors in this digital gauntlet, both hoping to continue on for a shot at the super schwaggy prize pack. In case you need a refresher, here’s how things are going […]

146 Responses to “Alliance Video Battle Semi Finals: Curr vs Vasko”

  1. Really? Says:

    #1 BY A LANDSLIDE. Vasko’s vid is STILL just as boring as it was last round.

  2. hmmm Says:

    Really? AGREEEEEED

  3. Yup Says:

    Curr has so much variety and its not at the same spot for the whole video. come on, this is a no brainer!!

  4. Greg Says:

    both Aarons and Dans riding is dope but Vasko’s editing style make me have to vote for Curr

  5. Chad Says:

    Clearly Curr deserves this. It’s not even comparable! Give you heads a shake ladies and gents. The boy has done good.


  6. critic says what? Says:

    isn’t this contest for new talent???? step aside norbi.. with your super long, super dramatic, super slow intros!

  7. Braden Ioi Says:

    CMON NOW BOYS, how is this competition close? dan has been killin it and andrews edits never upset.

  8. NOTNORBI Says:

    really…… Curr’s video is the best ive seen in a while… Norbi is just…. a super fail…. He used to make good films but Curr SH#@ on Norbi. My advice for the two of you guys, Curr that was some sick stuff keep it up… Norbi…. just stop before it gets worse… please!

    BET! #S.W.A.G.

  9. notnorbiisanidiot Says:

    cmon dude currs is better here but norbis throwin out some sick edits all the time. did you see the fooshee edit on iwake?

  10. COME ON BRO Says:

    why is norbi even in this competition seems pretty lame for him to send in a video hahahah. and anyway curr’s vid is the shit. it gives you a feeling unlike any video that norbi has ever made. peace.

  11. HAHA Says:

    norbi’s edits are NOT good he just films good riders all the time… anyone can do that.

  12. Zak Ott Stone Says:

    #1 was so sick!!!!

  13. norbiwho? Says:

    why in the world is norbi winning? Curr’s video clearly blows norbi out of the water!

    this better not become a popularity contest..

    vote Curr!

  14. clearly Says:

    there are bimbos not even watching the videos and voting for Norbi



    vote curr

  16. Jeremy Says:

    they should have to submit new videos for each round

  17. hater Says:

    currs video has a 1 minute 30 second intro. norbi’s has a 1 minute 15 second intro. i think the real winners here are the guys who invented slow motion.

  18. Luis Says:

    Come on!!!! Curr’s video is 10 times better!!!!!!!!

  19. Dylan Miller Says:

    Fucking Dan Brown!!!!

  20. WOW! Says:

    You guys have to be blind….Norbi’s SUCKS! Curr’s is SICK! How is this happening? Curr’s is the best Ive seen so far. Norbi just stop making videos… they suck

  21. Canuck Says:

    How is this even fucking close? Norbi must be winning on street cred. Or this site is so anti-Canadian it’s not even funny.

  22. Come On! Says:

    Andrew Curr is a boss! Help the dude out!

  23. Dude Says:

    At least the people who watched the videos know which ones better

  24. YUS Says:

    sweet jesus there is a god. Curr is #WINNING

  25. MOG Says:

    Curr by far. Not only was the skating better and more diverse. The shots and composition of the video were better 10-fold. This vote is way closer than it should be.

  26. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    curr muthafukka… such a sick video

  27. Alex Says:

    Although I love all of norbi’s videos, he used this video in the last round… Norbi, if you really want to win, you should have made a new video. Curr’s is better.

  28. Norbi Vasko Says:

    I had no idea you could even enter a different video into the new round. if thats the case, way to keep filmers informed. trust me I got a few hundred vids I could’ve picked from. I appreciate all the votes and comments tho. especially “no name” “not norbi” and other haters <3

  29. NORBI KICKS MAJOR A$$!!!!! Says:

    norbi should win for shur, hes a baller and the most chill guy ive meet.

  30. the other luke Says:

    for sure

  31. Nick Says:

    Norbi’s edits are perfect. Norbi’s vid is STILL amazing.

  32. Rachel Says:

    norbi should win

  33. Chris Says:

    Come on! Norbi’s vid is 100 times better!
    Vote NORBI! pls!

  34. prorider Says:

    Norbi’s the best,fuck da rest!

  35. awesome Says:

    Last five comments were all by Norbi!

  36. idiots... Says:

    alliance has turned into another place for the forum fags to gather…just vote…or say sick or yea #1 or #2 was aweosme…all the rest just makes you look like an idiot.

  37. CURR ALL THE WAY Says:

    curr’s video is obviously WAAAAAY better! I can’t believe this is even close! norbi does not deserve to win, his videos are the armpit of videos, I’m surprised the thing made it this far. people need to start watching the videos and judge on what they see not who made them.

  38. HAHA Says:

    How many times do you think norbi has posted on the comments? hahahaha

  39. SERIOUSLY Says:

    if norbi wins than this battle is straight lame as shit, CURR is the winner hands down. norbi makes good vids but this one sucks.

  40. Judit Vidak Says:

    I watched both videos and I liked them both!!! GOOD JOB, BOTH OF YOU!!! No wonder you guys made it to the semi-final!
    However, I liked Norbi’s better. That’s my opinion!
    I totally agree with one of the comments saying: just vote and stop talking trash….otherwise you really look like idiots…..of course, again it’s only my opinion….. like everybody else on this platform!!! It’s only your opinion, whatever is that….

  41. hmmm. Says:

    WTF vasko is winning?????

  42. Skrony Shawn Dorman Says:

    VASKO IS AND EDITING MADMAN….. just saying.
    keep up the good work bud

  43. hmmm. Says:

    sure vasko can point a camera, but curr gets his audience excited, and pays off the tension, etc. curr gives you an experience, vasko gives you a few tricks from the shore…

  44. Bobby Says:

    Props to both.. you guys are killing the votes! Both vids are the same from the previous round. No1 has changed vids. You 2 have collected more votes this battle than an other. Good stuff! Thats what its all about.. bringing people in. I wish I woulda submitted a diff video or edited mine differently but it was a last minute thing. I didnt even know submissions would be open during the contest.. o well, all in good fun! good luck!

  45. Crap Says:

    I’d take a big crap on norbi’s video

  46. 9th grade Says:

    anyone with a 9th grade multimedia tech course could have made the same video as norbi

  47. josephina brosefina Says:

    every negative comment should take 2 votes off.
    vaskos vid is brutal. vote for the currnel.

  48. Dustin O'Ferrall Says:

    Curr is a bawws!! and so is f*ckin Dan Brown! Edit is soooo nasty! Play on playas!

  49. curr for surr Says:

    curr is clearly best. dan killed it. vaskos intro was stupid “hey check out my bike!” currs was intense. awesome choice in music for curr. and vasko if your comment on your own vid do them at different times not in twos its really OBVIOUS!

  50. same person as above Says:

    haha what a joke

  51. curr for sure Says:

    when does this close
    give andrew the prize already!

  52. Mike Says:

    this is just alliance’s way of gettin rid of vasko.. curr has talent

  53. Blake Says:

    Stop the hate go shred!!

  54. Jamie Says:

    Norbi is more washed up and crap than that guy from two and a half men… Go rot in the Internet graveyard with whatever that guys name is.

  55. bro Says:

    i can’t stop watching curr’s vid, i’ve gotta be on the 8th or 9th time. where’s it shot? looks like a sick spot

  56. Nigel Inta Garbit Says:

    Hey norbi, your video is great! That’s what someone who lies would say about that festering sack of crap of a video. Looks like it was put together by Hellen Keller. Grow up and move on to a pencil pushing job of mediocracy where you belong. You’re creative juices have clearly dried up. Get a life.

  57. James Eli Weinstein Says:

    Oi vei! I could have filmed my mentally challenged cousin and put it in slo-mo and produced something more entertaining.

    Eff you Norbi…and what kind of name is that anyway? Sounds like a character on the back of a cereal box…but one of those poor people versions.

  58. Worker Says:

    Video 1 made me want to go wakeskating so bad. Video 2 made me wonder what I need to pick up from the grocery store on the way home from work.

  59. FINALLY Says:

    CURR IS WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Vote Curr!! Says:

    remember this is a video battle not a character assassination. Both guys have got quality or they wouldn’t be here.

  61. Tom Says:

    ^^ what he said. why did this turn into “how bad can we all grill Norbi cuz we can’t makes vids like he does?” quit hatin, both are sick vids even tho i did vote for currs. is all u dumb a*** that i cant stand in wakeboarding. its a chill sport. no one that i ride with would ever critisize someone elses riding or editting just to be a dick about it. everyone i know always gives props regardless. quit talkin crap and just vote for who you like better, seriously.

  62. Riley Says:

    Got nothin but love for Norbi, don’t know who Curr is but I gave Curr the vote, I dont Wakeskate but that vid made me wanna go out and do it!

  63. Nigel Inta Garbit Says:

    Tom sucks more than norbi, which is tough to do.

  64. Tom Says:

    exactly what im talking about Nigel. all i did was say both videos were good, ur probably one of those tools that thinks he is the greatest, makes fun of everyone else that might not be as good as them, and just lives to put others down. get a life.

  65. Currs not picked by Says:

    The staff shows the variety!

  66. SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!! Says:

    Yo everybody shut up and lets see who wins!!! its probobly gonna be Nrobi Just saying!! bitches!!!!!! go suck eatchothers ***** *** :-)!! bye bye!!Norbi keep up the good work and for the other guy… ur o.k.!! ohhh BTW im not even close to the age of any of u bozozz!!!

  67. SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!! Says:

    heyy the person who said Tom sucks more than Norbi which is tough to do! maybe u should try a better trash talk if ur gonna do it!!! LOL :-)

  68. SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!! Says:

    All u Haterz out there check this!! u Haterz make norbi famouse!!!! sooo u r burning urselves while…… noo ur just burning urselves!!!!!!!


  69. assbandit Says:

    Both of these blow – biggest problem in #2 video is the dummy talking at the start with his ghetto speak! White bread spoiled punk trying to be street!

  70. Dan Dudda Says:

    It is really simple. #1 Hands down is much more entertaining, even though both start slow, it has better visuals, no lame talking, and perfect music for the mood. Props to both for influencing the sport. Norbi may have hundreds of videos but that doesn’t mean they are good. Another Absher films all over again. I wish this kid would stop being so arrogant and cocky and put more time in before thinking he is the best.

  71. Midwest Says:

    I’m just stoked to have both of these dudes filming our sport. Its amazing seeing how much cooler videos are being made now-a-day. Thanks dudes!

  72. mark Says:

    I don’t understand how Curr did, that his vote increased with 70 points in 1 MINUTES. I think there something wrong with him or he’s got a very ‘TALENT FRIEND’. He is NOT streight.

  73. Tom Says:

    “Shut up and listen” is obviously Norbi’s brother that was left behind in Hungary, the kid can hardly form a coherent sentence, let alone spell any of it properly.

    I pretty much guarantee all the norbi votes are from norbi going to different internet cafes and voting it up. That vid is boring and trying way too hard to be artsy, and turns out looking ridiculous.


    here’s a new saying:

    that truck has a whale in it, and that whale just ate a horse, and that horse was as big as a house!

  75. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Wow Tom you really are just as poorly informed as you make yourself sound. I wish you could hear yourself and how unnecessary not to mention false every little comment/theory/accusation you’re making is! If anything I believe that dude who was talking about the 70votes in a minute way way before me or anyone will even for a second think that the “trash” your talking has any actual meaning. One thing I do now tho, either way, how this contest ends is not gonna affect the passion and love I have for the sport or shooting it. I know you can’t always please everybody, I’m just happy I’m not the guy hating/writing the comments. I’m the guy that they write about. (in this instance)
    Bottom line is that I’m just stoked to be a part of The whole battle and I wish everyone the best!

  76. kw Says:

    Norbi stepping up and being the bigger of the two. Great response, regardless guys & gals lets show some respect. What is this gradeschool recess smackdown? Grow up people. Talk less wake/skate/board/surf more.

  77. Michael Says:

    Agree with Norbi, Yeah Curr’s video is good, but you can’t base Norbi’s ENTIRE talent,training, or experience off one video. Someones bitchy fan base can kill an artist and make people think that’s how the artist it. I think Curr’s are doing that and I hate it for him(I’m sure he’s a nice guy), Norbi just seems like a super chill guy as well. Show some love guys.

  78. Blain Says:

    First off both videos were sick and made me want to wakeskate, but how are you gonna bash norbi’s video and his whole arsenal of videos over a alliance contest? Ive watched plenty of his vids and they all make me want to go out and shred. Why send the negative vibes to him when he is just doing what he loves and has a large amount of followers that always are checking for his new edits. He markets himself well why bash on it?

  79. Brian Baker Says:

    Norbi is a video guru. He can not only shoot and create awesome videos but edit them and complete them in a matter of hours. His vid all the way!

  80. Rob Says:

    Agree with Michael and Norbi , However, I liked Norbi’s better. That’s my opinion!
    Stop the hate pls! Good job both of you.

  81. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Sigh.. It’s good to see not everyone went crazy in the world.
    One love

  82. grow up Says:

    I don’t think any of these “haters” realize how much hard work/effort/time/passion goes into editing these films. Both edits are obviously up to par or else they wouldn’t be in this competition and all votes are undoubtedly well deserved and earned. Although I don’t believe this is one of Norbi’s best films and Curr has the better video here, the kid puts out some pretty sick footage. So you should probably do you research before the trash talking even begins. As for the super low blow/lame comment about Norbi’s brother not being able to form a coherent sentence (which he can, by the way)…no duh, he’s from Hungary you idiot…you try going to a foreign country and even remotely begin to have a legitimate conversation with someone in their (not your own<–thought I'd spell that out for you) language and you'll find out that it's not even close to being easy. Stop being so ignorant. However; it is funny how everyone is hating on Norbi, yet, nobody that voted for Norbi is criticizing Curr. What I think people are forgetting here is that this is a form of art and requires a creative eye, which a lot of us lack. Both films are totally different and both provide very different elements. You shouldn't go around bashing other people's art work because they obviously see something in their piece that no one else does. Well done by both videographers, keep on making films and providing us with entertainment….cheers and good luck to you both!

  83. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Amen to that.
    Plus whoever was saying that anyone or anything was hating on canadians is just soo wrong to even think. Unbelievable. Im hungarian. if anything they promote international riders\filmers. And I personally love the sbc wakemag!

  84. Christian Cotrone Says:

    I have the honor to personality know Norbi and have spent time with him and helping him while he shoots. I dont know anyone else that can produce the quality of his videos and have the turn around time as him. On and off the camera he is a good guy. Some videos might not just be your cup of tea. I’m sure if you go to his website, you will find a video that you will fall in love with.You have to look past the rider and the intro and look into the workmanship of the video. Once you have that mindset you can break down the film and really appreciate his work. Norbi keep killing it! and for Curr great video! I just personality think from a film maker and film student stand point I would have to go with Vasko. Not just because he is my friend but how to video was cut and edited. In this video he has more then just one angle for every shot. He has multiple. Open your eyes and appreciate the work they both do. This is about the videos not about if Norbi can form a sentence or not. Some people need to grow up and appreciate the work of both film makers. Vasko and Curr keep killing it! You guys inspire me everyday! BIB

  85. Dan Dudda Says:

    I don’t think some of you defending Norbi get it. A guy who can edit and post a video in a matter of hours after recording is a sign of a crappy video. Just like Rob Absher a while back… making a competitive and good quality video requires longevity and creativity. I mean really… Norbi’s intro is enough to prove what I’m saying. Granted some professionals can get it done insanely fast. But they are working for ESPN and Sportcenter not some amateur who thinks he is boss. Stop defending a guy who thinks he is superior to everyone around him and hides behind the “I’m so chill.” defense. Maybe his character created some of this hate and not just his crap video.

  86. Dan Dudda Says:

    Norbi’s friend’s are the only ones choosing his video. It is a popularity contest on his end, nevermind the talent lol. What’s funny to me is how obvious it is that not one person is hating on Curr… hmmm… maybe because Norbi is an arrogant conceited individual and people forget about the video contest because his name is in the mix. I love when Alliance blasts the deserving. Absher vs Norbi in humiliation battle. That’s entertainment.

  87. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Dont ever compare me to Anyone please. No offense but i dont like to be looked at as just another youtube/vimeo video maker. I love what i do and i just feel truly blessed. You dont know me therefore you have no idea of my past/present not to mention future.with that in mind, Say what you want thats why this whole forum is created: to discuss. I just feel bad for ppl like dan tho cuz thats all they can do. Talk talk talk Click click send. Bib+1

  88. Dan Dudda Says:

    That’s because I know arrogance when I see it. Not to mention talent. Sorry bro but you are just another youtube/vimeo maker (atleast for now) not saying you can’t be better. Start getting 10k plus hits day one and then you can be the passive/arrogant videographer that you are. Until then you will continue to get blasted when you play with the big boys before you’re ready. Stop thinking you are the shit and just be it. Spend some solid time and effort on your editing and pretend you are the viewer and maybe you will find more success. My apologies for being harsh but sometimes you Absher-a-likes need a wake up call. Curr had a theme and knew what he was going for in his vid as an amateur and never said anything about himself. Hints his success (in this case). So shut up and do better and stop talking about yourself.

  89. Chase Sellmeyer Says:

    As a video editor actually in this contest I think Norbi hit it on the head with his last comment. “I know you can’t always please everybody, I’m just happy I’m not the guy hating/writing the comments. I’m the guy that they write about. (in this instance)” And cheers to you bro for keeping your cools. some people just loose it on here.

    Besides I’m sure that both Norbie and Curr have better things to do than run around to internet cafes voting for themselves and praying that they win this contest… for what a grand prize package from big deal. For one I know Norbie has clients paying him cash money for his work, some even (correct me if I’m wrong) sending him to Germany for Wake the Line and around the world to film… that means someone with more sense then all the haters above is finding his work valuable.

    Personally I enjoyed Curr’s entry more here, but I have seen plenty of Norbi’s films to know that he is no hack and one creative SOB! I hope I can only expect this much exposure when my video come back around. ha . good luck bitches!

  90. Tom Says:

    You talk a big game for someone who is about to walk away from a video contest with a $50 gift card to buywake.
    There are lots of people who are just like you, thus you are just another youtube video maker. I wont even give you vimeo because most of those videos trump your slow mo, sitting still bike, crap. And just because you film a bush doesn’t make your video deep. Also, I don’t know if you know, but watching someone 360 off a kicker gets boring after seeing it 3 or 4 times in the same edit. The same goes for all of those crappy repeated maneuvers repeated over and over off of the 4 obstacles featured in your film.
    I am so happy Curr is demolishing you, and will be so much happier when this contest closes and your crap video gets sent to internet purgatory where it belongs. Right beside the star wars kid, but with many, many less views, and even less satisfied viewers.
    rest in peace, norbi films.

  91. grow up Says:

    call me stupid, but i’d probably be pretty arrogant myself if i were confident in my work and spent hours on end creating awesome films. I personally don’t know norbi, but follow his work because it is widely spread everywhere, so obviously someone likes it….not quite as amateur as you think. the kid loves what he does and it shows….search his videos and tell me that that isn’t talent. he’s definitely going to make it big.

  92. Tom Says:

    Everybody, welcome Norbi’s mother to the comment section!

  93. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Yeah Chase!
    Your good Dan I get where your coming from and I’m not saying I agree with all of it but you can’t forget the things you don’t know. Like the 2dvds (wired, way
    Out east) I made fully for the community. Not trying to talk about myself it’s just hard not to try to share something that I know your missing out on. as I was competing in the wwa and ecwp tours with the Hungarian national team for years, I handed the movies out all over the world and I was just glad to give as I was shredding. Nowadays I’m just thankful for my sponsors (contour, hyperlite) and I’m just stoked to be shooting/riding as much as I can. I’m not trying to say I’m better than anybody in anything, I don’t think I am! I do what I do and I feel like with the passion and drive I’ve had all along these years and I will continue to have for atleast a good 10,20 years not to mention for the rest of my life. It will never fade. I’m just on the road grinding, trying to do better/different in each video. As far as This Aaron Perkins one I’ll admit it def wasn’t one of my “best” thought/planned out vids. It was good for what it was for aaron and the projects. I feel like I have a general knowledge from riding/living, with a film diploma and the past years under my belt . just getting an all around better filmer/editor/rider is what I’m trying to do and I’m just stoked to be even able to be a part of this contest and the wake community. Even when it gets “ugly” at times:/

  94. Norbi Vasko Says:

    And Tom don’t hate cuz your not sitting where I am and your fam can’t represent with backing you up like my mom, who’s a saint, does. Unnecessary comment after another. But don’t worry I’m not expecting anything else from you:]

  95. Dudda Says:

    Ok let’s be real for a minute and point out that nobody would know anything about this cocky pedistal riding amateur if it wasnt for the fact that he personaly knows some of the best cable riders in the world. The fact that he started filiming the real talent put his name on the map but that doesnt mean he is all that! This is hilarious! Chase I have seen your work and it has schwag but this kid is another emo self absorbed wanna be and im just glad people are letting him know. Btw “grow up” you need to “wake up”!

  96. Norbi.... Says:

    Just because you got famous on “wakeworld” doesn’t mean shit norbi. You have yet to do anything to prove you deserve any ounce of respect. You walk around with your norbi films shirts like you run this shit. Your videos aren’t terrible but their not amazing as you think. Go back to hungaria and work with your millionaire parents. The last thing this sport needs is another spoiled rotten baby….

  97. Tom Says:

    Norbi, I’m not siting where you are getting grilled by numberous people because I don’t make shit edits that deserve to be digested by maggots because they so closely resemble crap.

    Back to Hungaria with you.

  98. Patrick Wieland Says:


  99. Dudda Says:

    True. These kids think they are the shit bc mommy and daddy can afford to equip them with all the nicest gear they need to snap away shots of real talent and post it to their FB. We dont need anymore talentless spoiled brats giving our sport the wrong impression to spectators. After all aren’t the spectators why we do this in the first place? He does walk around like that and that is why I have no respect for him. It’s not like you started from the bottom and worked hard Norbs… You’re an imposter fueled by money you dont make yourself. Go ahead and rep your sponsors like hyperlite (owned by the owners of LF) that have been holding this sport down for over a decade now. Once again anything else you’d like to boast about yourself!?

  100. Tom Says:

    I was thinking the same thing Dudda… He acts like he isn’t trying to be a cocky fruit but brings up the most ridiculous points. Just proving he is what we say he is, and nothing more.

  101. haha Says:

    haha this is ridiculous. hating on people b/c mommy and daddy have money like it’s their faults, they’re just fortunate. if you were in the same position you’d probably take advantage of that sh*t too. instead, i know, let’s waste our time sitting on alliance wake battling back and forth putting people down left and right for doing something they love and have the balls to put themselves out there with it….pathetic. big ups to both competitors…but, my vote was for curr on this one.

  102. Tom Says:

    obviously your vote was with curr… Only someone with severe vision impairment would vote norbi.

  103. Norbi Vasko Says:

    You guys are clearly misinformed I’ll admit that I’m fortunate but that doesn’t make or brake a person. Unfortunately you guys will just remain the haters you are while I’m having way more fun filming,traveling and shredding! What’s your job/life like ? Don’t try to hate on others cuz your not satisfied with your life. Obviously if you were you would atleast back your comments up

  104. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Tom WHO are u?

  105. Jason Says:

    Yes Norbi we are all so sad that we dont look like a homo and talk like a fairy. Sooo jealous you mommy and daddy buy you a GT mustang and pay for you to travel the world sucking more weiner.

  106. DFTR Josh Says:

    Curr has some sickness with the different aspecs in the video… Put together good and dudes are throwin down.
    Norbi has his settings on lock with the lighting, whitebalance, etc. Although kind of boring with one wake park and dude throwin down… Get’s my vote!

  107. Turbo Says:

    Dang big haterz… Props to both of you for making it this far. Norbi this isnt one of your better edits and its still really good.

  108. Logical Says:

    Norbi, try to be a better character and maybe people won’t think you’re such a tool. Nobody is going to purposely hate on an all around classy person if they don’t have some reasoning for it. It seems unlikely for so many people to bash one guy for no reason. How’s not being a douche bag for a start? Treat others as you would want to be treated. Look at the big picture, nobody is saying one bad thing about Curr… oh and Curr hasn’t mentioned anything this entire battle… being a classy guy. As you sit up here and talk talk talk bc you can’t stand being told how much of a cocky prick you are. Just take your loss and make better production and less self marketing. Oblivious fool.

  109. LOL Says:

    Tom is cracking me up!!! This forum is stupid funny! Norbi man I feel for you. But seriously just let the best man win. Even though Mr. Vasco is blowing up FB trying to get votes from people who probably don’t even watch the friggggin video haha! What a waist of time I might add… #1 video is exactly that…number 1. Got my vote bc it is just simply better.

  110. Jojo Says:

    I really like Norbi´s videos. Norbi´s video isn´t bad. These both videos have hust a different style! So I think it´s not fair that some of you guys talk so bad about him! I also prefer Curr´s video because it shows the lifestyle of wakeboarding and wakeskating. It´s a bit like an Isenseven video! But i think that nobody should speak in this words about Norbi. He has many brilliant videos on vimeo!

  111. Dudda Says:

    Jojo, he is getting bashed bc he acts like he is the shit and he’s nobody. That’s it, that’s all. Haha

  112. Norbi Vasko Says:

    I dont act,think or ever want to be the Shit! Get over the simple fact that you didnt make it in this contest so you might as well stop making yourself look ridicilous by talking soooo much unnecesary sh!t. Dudda you lose period

  113. Johannes Thiemeier Says:

    This contest is about the video and not about the character of the producer!

  114. Teresa Says:

    Norbiʻs Video ROCKS! Currʻs is also good, but the negative slandering from the Curr side is enough to make anyone with a since of fairness vote for Norbiʻs! Norbi might not use as many locations, but his editing technique, his genius use of lighting and his choice of music makes the video superior! Love the sepia tones, too.

  115. hmmm Teresa? Says:

    sepia is for beginners and people with no taste.

  116. J Says:

    Don’t blame Curr for the negativity. This is about the finished product, to say that negative comments from friends of Curr would make you vote for the other guy makes your vote not count to me. Vote for who you think is best. not because of other people’s comments.

  117. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Fyi: It’s not sepia it’s a cross processed 3 strip process color grade with some heat (color temp.) and other things. Not to mention 23.98p native recording
    And can’t forget the 37mbs (bitrate) with the low 11.25 shutter angle

  118. Teresa Says:

    Nicely done!! Btw, J, I thought Norbi’s was better, so I guess my vote does count… I was just saying, that if you were on the fence with your vote, then that would be a decision breaker.

  119. HAHAHHA Says:

    Norbi hahaahhahahhahaha. What a fool. Thanks for sharing your technical specifications. That might mean something at full sail but not in the real world.

  120. turbo Says:

    Can we delete the comments section?

  121. AngelShreds Says:

    Clearly Norbi Vasko has pissed some people off? I think someone’s jealous of you Norbi…didnt know there was soo much hate in wakeboarding lol

  122. Admin Says:

    You would be suprised at the ip addresses linked to these “different” names.

  123. LOL Says:

    What a tool sail fruit bag.

  124. Norbi Vasko Says:

    This is clearly a high class prestigious vid battle!
    And I was just sharing some of my options cuz most of you are clearly misinformed. Can’t do that either now I see:D

  125. Learn Something Says:

    Well norbi maybe you will learn something from this after you loose that your shit smells just like everyone elses. Just cause your mommy and daddy love you doesn’t mean we do. If you wanna learn anything about filming go look at TAD MATTHEW’S . wesubsist

  126. Nigel Inta Garbit Says:

    At least your boyfriend will console you when you lose this, norbi.

  127. DUH Says:

    He won’t learn, he’s too cocky. He just has to look soo coool it’s obvious in his actions. He can sure talk his way into the illusion of innocence. But we all know he’s a fool sail douche. Look how he worded the options as if he was informing of extremely important and personal settings! “Not to mention” and “Can’t forget”! I guess he doesn’t understand the english language way of exposing his arrogance. Norbi are you related to Robert Absher?

  128. purmadow Says:


  129. Canuck Says:

    “You would be suprised at the ip addresses linked to these “different” names”

    I would really like to see that. Time to call some people out.

  130. kanduur Says:

    Come on, Norbi, GPK is with you! :)

  131. Kathy Says:

    Come on Hungary, come on pls

  132. Kathy Says:

    3:43 pm

    Video #2 Vasko (52%, 2,352 Votes)
    Video #1 Curr (48%, 2,193 Votes)

  133. John Tyler Says:

    Logical, Nigel Inta Garbit, Dudda, and Tom. If you guys really want to stand behind your claims of how lame Norbi is, please post using your real information. You guys crack me up. The only issue there is, once we know who you really are, we couldn’t care less about you. I see why you resort to the trash talking now. -lame

  134. Kathy Says:

    Video #2 Vasko (52%, 2,362 Votes)
    Video #1 Curr (48%, 2,196 Votes)

  135. Norbi Vasko Says:


    I just would like to be the first one to say :

    Congrats Curr for the amazing edit!

    Im just sorry about all the fake votes you had to receive to catch up.
    I wish I couldve had a diff vid in this round and the person that was talking all the nonsense from the same IP adress should really just take a long good look in the mirror and stop doing whatever it is that made you talk all the smack you did. I feel bad for you.

    and to everyone that took a part of this “battle” / disscussion board,
    Im sorry for all the hate and violence you all had to experience. I promise to keep doing what Im doing and I just wish some people would just grow up.

    PS:. Clearly the Admins of this page should’ve been able to tell the percentage of the votes and the rate “curr”s vid always “somehow” caught up to me after repetitive rapid votes, weird. at last but not least I wanna thank my friends, fans and all the hard promoting you have all done into collecting “REAL” votes

    One love

  136. norbi Says:

    Norbi you couldn’t just bow out like a man. You had to be a fag once again. Walk away and dont talk for the first time in your life. Go work on your videos and prove us wrong. Talk is cheap. Get it boy.

  137. Richard Says:

    Yo Norbi, Check some of the comments. These people have obviously seen many of your videos as they have been making comments on them whether they like them or not. Rather than trying to fight back with witty comments, take it as feedback so you can improve your video’s and please your fans/viewers.

  138. Steeee Says:

    YOOOO CURRS vid was so fuckin DOPE! That other norbi dudes wasn’t good at all very amature.. Currs was fuckin where its at.. so fun to watch.. He knows how to use his camera… VOTE CURR bitches…

  139. Steeee Says:

    Oh and norbi i know your so upset about all this hate and shit on here but thats whats up in the video world.. get with it… you gota step your game uup!

  140. pfffffft. Says:

    talk about fake votes, how did your shitty vid keep up with curr’s.

  142. John Tyler Says:

    I wonder how much Alliance would like all this hate and immature language being thrown down at their expense? You guys really now how to pick ‘em! Good job Alliance “fans”, I think I’ll go spend some time back in the functional real world. I stand by my initial remarks, Not a single one of you that has an issue with Norbi will even show who you really are. Cowards.

  143. acrf Says:

    Video #1 Curr (51%, 2,492 Votes)
    Video #2 Vasko (49%, 2,429 Votes)

    Just the way it should be! Great Job Curr!!!

  144. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Kid show yourself or just shut it and let the adults chat

  145. bro Says:

    can i get an amen?

  146. acrf Says:

    This was a great battle! Congrats to both competitors for having so many votes.