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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… welcome to the first ever Alliance Video Battle at Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the first two competitors in this digital gauntlet, both hoping to continue on for a shot at the super schwaggy prize pack. In case you need a refresher, here’s how things are going to shake out.

- Two videos battle each week

- Online viewers vote for the video they think is best

- Winning video from each battle will be automatically entered into the final tournament

- Losing video will be forced to suffer in e-purgatory (we don’t know what that means yet, but we’ll come up with something appropriate)

Start your MyBook/FaceSpace engines, ’cause the battling begins NOW!

To submit your Video for consideration please email

The first battle we have two videos that are very similar in the idea of showcasing one rider. Which Videographer does it better?

1st Video by: Nick Schrein “Robby McFarland 2010″

2nd Video by: Bobby Sutherland  “Kirby Liesmann”

Which Videographer Deserves To Carry On?

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30 Responses to “Alliance Wake Video Battle: Schrein vs Sutherland”

  1. collinharrington Says:

    Both good. Although, Robby is riding my board on my favorite lake to ride on (Smith Mountain Lake). I might be a little biased on this one, but how could I not vote for that?

  2. Justin H. Says:

    Video 1 = 55 seconds to get to any wakeboarding

    Video 2 = 40 seconds to get to any wakeboarding

    Both videos seem well shot and I am not qualified to split hairs on cienamatography, but for 4 minutes of video there is just not much wakeboarding. What I saw, I really liked.

  3. Jp Says:

    Both videos are simply WAY to long.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The first video seemed to have more -actual- wakeboarding… Isn’t that the point? The second video is too showy anyways… like Diet Wakeboarding. I vote for Nick Schrein!

  5. sean Says:

    You guys obviously don’t know very much about film and if you actually read this is a VIDEO contest not a best rider contest, the videography is just as important as the rider talent if not more.

  6. Mike Says:

    Bobby may have a bigger bag of tricks but the transitions and editing seems a little awkward in Sutherlands Video. Schrein’s got my vote, much better filming and editing

  7. Janet Says:

    Impressive wakeboarding from Robby McFarland, and Schrein captured it well.

  8. hmmm. Says:

    not too keen on either.. lame “wake effects” watermark.. SEAN movies are about tricks in the end. thats it. thats why baker 3 won skate video of the year a few years back. not for the crafty editing. it was good raw skating. any other little effects in wake movies just make it a little more fun to watch. but you know your looking for tricks..

  9. Lala Says:

    Totally agree with Mike and Janet. Schrein has my vote.

  10. sean Says:

    Haha if this contest was looking for nothing but tricks we would just put up two videos of Harley Clifford every week and no one else would get a chance. Think about what you are saying before you start running people down on here.

  11. ans,dd Says:

    both sucked.

  12. Kam Barnard Says:

    Robby rocks!! Nice camera “work”!! Come back to HYCO Lake and we will pull you behind the Malibu for another video!!
    Kam and Tracy Barnard

  13. Pat Says:

    The Sutherland video was more entertaining and great video. Like the music, too. I thought he captured some pretty cool shots and had some great special effects included.

  14. hmmm. Says:

    SEAN, maybe since alliance does almost everything YOBEAT does, (not a problem. good call) it should be more like peoples court. AMs, this is user content. not just harley clifford, and if your soo keen on shooting, throw your edit up.

  15. treyseneff Says:

    nick and robby should get all the votes. virginia is for lovers!!!

  16. Matt Hayden Says:

    yeahhh robby!!! holdin it down for VA!!!

  17. Brad Says:

    It’s a video contest! Bobby’s music is so bitchin’ right now…

  18. Kyle Says:

    everyone needs to watch sutherland’s video ALL the way through for a good laugh… and quit hatin, both are good, and what does diet wakeboarding even mean? two 7’s, 9, moby 5, BS 180’s, pete with a HELD grab, seems like some heavy ridin if you ask me, with a little personality so you can’t get bored.

  19. P Says:

    Wakeboarding is for Gays but Robby makes it look like he is snowboarding so he has my vote.

  20. pwieland sucks Says:

    YEAH TEAM ROBBY AND NICK!!!! Robby has better style, better hair, and lives on a cooler lake. Nick films from somewhere other than sitting in the boat and has editing skills. Easy decision.

  21. RSmith Says:

    This contest is based off of someones ability to edit and shoot, not ride. Both riders are good, but the second videos editing is mediocre at best. Nicks editing skills are superior, sorry Bobby put some more time into the next one, i just don’t think it’s as good as Nicks.

  22. zach a Says:

    Yeah this a contest for the videographer, not the rider. Kirby is better rider, but the edit wasn’t as good. The little intermission in the middle of it was weird too. Plus there were only a couple shots in Bobby’s video that weren’t from the boat, Nick actually got out there in a chase boat to get some quality footage.

  23. Brian Says:

    Great editing on Nick’s part. You can tell he put more time & effort into the video, but both are entertaining. My vote goes to Schrein. Chaseboat FTW

  24. Brad Says:

    Robby sucks and Nick obviously needs to go back to school or find a new hobby. My vote goes to Bobby.

  25. Eric Says:

    Nick did a great job putting this together! For such a short clip he captures Robby’s style, and passion for the sport. Good work! Nick got my vote!

  26. RSmith Says:

    Brad whenever you call someone out for “sucking” it’s pretty much a dead giveaway that you yourself suck. Does Robby have the bag of tricks that Kirby has, no he doesn’t but he has a lot of style with some really good tricks. You can’t deny that.

  27. zach Says:

    Brad, hey FAGGOT, its an editing contest not a riding contest. Im sorry your dad bought you an x-star and you still cant get that super sweet raley down, but you don’t have to call out someone, who i’ll bet any amount is way better than you.

  28. Nicholas Schrein Says:

    Wow, classy post from Brad. If I were Bobby, I wouldn’t want someone who acts like you advertising that they voted for me. I have no problem with you giving me crap about my video, but to say that the rider sucks like that is just above and beyond classless. He didn’t ask to be put up here, hell, he didn’t even ask to be put in a video, I brought a camera out onto the boat with him and filmed him riding. He was going to ride either way, I just added a camera in. Go crawl back under your bridge.

    Patrick, does the voting for this thing end? I figured it was over yesterday morning when the new battle got posted, but it would seem to not be over. Haha.

  29. Nathan Says:

    There are many problems with Brad’s belief systems. The one that’s the most blatant, and the one that I will limit my discussion to, is related to his overt support of Lysenkoism. Read on, gentle reader, and hear what I have to say. Brad’s reasoning is circular and therefore invalid. In other words, he always begins an argument with his conclusion (e.g., that he should spew forth ignorance and prejudice because “it’s the right thing to do”) and therefore—not surprisingly—he always arrives at that very conclusion. I would like to close by saying that Brad can’t discuss anything without talking about fogyism.

  30. Patrick Wieland Says:

    The battle ends Each Sunday at Midnight.

    Bobby Sutherland was this weeks winner.


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