What a year it has been on the Internet! The level of cinematography and editing now displayed on the web rivals the production value of Hollywood films. Riders are putting in more effort and pushing them selves like never before for these web masterpieces.  Wakeboarding fans are able to sit down at their computer and watch their favorite riders all over the world. The internet has created a platform for riders that might never had that exposure. Dieter Humpsch’s teaser created a platform for the sport of wakeskating that it never had before with his teaser that got over 500,000 views to date.

In no particular order.

Noisia Vision Trailer- Dieter Humpsch

Raph Derome New Levels- Jonathan Ferguson

The greatest example of the power of the web is Raph Derome’s video. Raph was basically injured all year, but with the help of one amazing web video he put himself right back on top. (Not that his riding was ever in question) Without his web video, people might be wondering where in the world he is.  We were the first people in the world to view Raph’s video and as soon as we did we knew it was going to be blow up.

The Prologue by Patrick Wieland

Brostock 2011 Teaser by AVE

Notes From Thailand by Andy Kolb

It’s a funny thing how the Internet works. A video of the baby singing on Youtube might have 1 million views and an awesome wakeboard video might only have 100 views.  There’s no rhyme or reason why videos go viral, but when they do it can open doors for riders, filmers and the sport of wake never before thought of. Who knows what we are going to see next year. After this year the bar is set on another level. Just sit back and keep on checking Alliance Wake for the best Wake Web Videos in the world.