November 16th, 2013 by Amateur Hour

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Current President and Captain of the Baylor Wake team, Reagan Strickland and Dakota Park, are reunited with two of the founders of the team, Patrick Hamner and Trevor Stewart. They did some shreddin’ on Lake Travis in Austin and behind BSR’s brand new G23 in Waco on the Brazos River. If you’ve never heard of Baylor or knew that they had a team, that will soon change….

22 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Baylor Wake Team”

  1. wow Says:

    shut off after first rider. so bad

  2. Robert Griffin III Says:

    Quality edit! Maybe go easy on the ungrabbed tantrum shots next time though..

  3. 1800CALLME Says:

    Those bikini babes can call me whenever they so choose,

  4. JP Says:

    Wally riding, pseudo gangster weed smoking song. Next please.

  5. yo yo Says:

    i turned it off the moment i saw the first trick was an air raley. #sorryimnotsorry

  6. WVU Says:

    good football team this year

  8. Bill Dance Says:

    This has more false advertisement than Obamacare.

  9. joe Says:

    Baylor – y’all have a curfew. Go home and back into hibernation

  10. Wake Devils Says:

    Awesome quality edit! Looks like ya’ll are having a kick ass time out there and that is what wakeboarding is all about. Ignore what the haters say, people always go on these sites to bring others down because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

    Can’t wait to party with ya’ll again!

  11. Thetruth Says:

    #wakelife #wakebabes #airraley

  12. Haters Says:

    Got hate in your heart let it out!!!

  13. Justin H. Says:

    Wakeboarding is getting as bad as snowboarding and skateboarding. A bunch of posers calling out people for having fun.

    Thanks for the video. It makes me miss the summer.

  14. Ohio State Wake Says:

    Hell yeah, good to see Baylor bringing the heat!!!
    Hope we see you at some comps next season!

  15. VT Wakeboarding Says:

    Nice edit guys! Can’t believe the hate, really well made and some good riding.

  16. Brosef Says:

    Guys they’re a collegiate definition not a pro wake team. Relax. At least the first guy was grabbin a bit. Gotta chill with that gangster weed music though that kinda killed the good vibes

  17. John Says:

    Better watch it haters, these guys are gonna be your boss someday… great edit guys! First guy pretty is pretty good and the last kid almost landed a 7. sweet riding guys keep it up

  18. John Says:

    Sick! I dont see any other colleges makin edits

  19. Dakota Park Says:

    hahhhhhh i know who this kid is ^^

    also got my 5 seconds of fame @ 1:09 … hate or not, still fame!

  20. TREVVV Says:

    F the haters.

    We had a badass time and that’s what it’s all about

    Can’t wait to shred with my team again!

  21. Gnarduar Says:

    Dem ladies tho

  22. Stuart Says:

    I thought Baylor was a baptist college? Aren’t there high schools with more students too?