December 20th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

Check out the newbie Blaine Allan. Here’s what he had to say about himself. “My names Blaine Allan. I’m a local rider at KC Watersports. I just recently started wakeboarding the beginning of the 2012 season. In that short time I’ve progressed my riding beyond my belief and pushed myself to win the Intermediate National Points Chase Championship.”

13 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Blaine Allan”

  1. Tracie Thomson Says:

    Yeah, bud! Sick riding!! Oh, and sweet edit, Juan!

  2. peter Says:

    Won the INPCC because after a year of riding cable most people go pro… time to step that game up kid

  3. Colby Says:

    If that were the case, Peter, there would be a lot more pro cable riders.

  4. watson Says:

    you did not just start wakeboarding this year.

  5. Blaine Allan Says:

    Thank’s Tracie Thomson for the word’s!

  6. Novapull Says:

    Blaine you obviously did some sort of other board-sport, maybe snowboarding? Or maybe you did a lot of gymnastics? Or maybe this is your first year riding cable from the boat? I have to agree with watson seems a little hard to believe.

  7. Blaine Allan Says:

    Novapull I skateboarded as a kid and so that’s where my background in board sport’s came from. I can see how if you didn’t see me on march 20th to the present day it would be hard to believe. As im sure everyone who wakeboards will agree the first time you strap in and ride you become addicted. I became addicted On progressing and become the rider i imagined in my head. This video is the outcome of 6 month of riding 7 days a week 5 or more hours a day thanks for the veiw Novapull Watson..

  8. Tracie Thomson Says:

    He legitimately starting riding this past spring. I first saw him ride in June and the progression between even then and now is incredible.

  9. danny_mike Says:

    yyyyeeeah!! killed it Blaine

  10. Juan Says:

    nice riding blaine.

    even cooler edit though, wonder who did that?

  11. watson Says:

    idc if you were a pro snowboarder before nobody goes from getting up to doing blind judges in the same season.

  12. truth Says:

    watson…how does a blind judge cross over into the snowboard world? he lives in kansas and learned all this stuff in 1 season. kid has a super high ollie and picked it up real quick, just accept it people its ok

  13. chance Says:

    Blaine is legit and if anyone has any question on his time on the water they can just ask me. The kid has progressed unbelievably in the year he has been riding (as the video depicts)… super pumped to see him progress even more –> 2013 should be a pretty epic year. ;o)


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