December 27th, 2013 by Submitted

First trip to Wake Zone Cable Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was insane … love this park! Brady Patry repping the new 2014 Ronix “Bill” board & “the One” bindings, Brenden Yockel, Michael Long, Drew Weatherford, Austin Zielinski, & Chandler Frost ….

13 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Brady Patry and Crew”

  1. Your mom Says:

    Wowweewow that’s just great inspirational riding haha freaking alliance is embarrassing for the vids they put up! Wakeboarding doesn’t have to look so bad!

  2. poor Says:

    so let down with the effort put into these videos lately. alliance should know better than to put up so many amateur edits, where is the bangers and the legit riders, all to lazy during the winter.. get out and film thats what you pros are supposed to be doing right?

  3. drew Says:

    man come on dudes if you read the words amateur hour it probably means that its not going to contain the best riding/filming/editing. you can tell these kids are having fun filming and riding and that is what counts. im psyched on alliance putting this on here and hope more people realize that its not about how “good” you are but how much fun you have.

  4. drew Says:

    and that austin z kids method is on point!!

  5. AmSlam Says:

    Alliance pushed out a Tweet last week saying this week would be all about Am Hour videos. I’m sure the other videos will start up again soon.

  6. Jim Says:

    Love this video. Love seeing kids work at the sport. Wakeskater in blue looks solid

  7. kyle Says:

    I really enjoyed it. that’s what an am hour vid is all about

  8. Jojo Says:

    Wow, alliance wake si probably one of the worst community of the internet. So happy to not to have to ride with you in America.

    That’s pretty pathetic to see that if that’s not a video of raph, that’s ugly, that pushes the sport ni the wrong “direction”, and the riders should burn in hell.

  9. juju Says:

    why are there so many haters on this site. its really annoying and your comments push people away from the sport more than anything. All of the pros were amateurs before they went pro so you have to start somewhere, plus I don’t see any of you making videos of killin it on the water

  10. wakeboarder Says:

    insert other generic comment about hating on stuff

  11. steve Says:

    All you damn internet warriors need to get your own edits posted. What do you get out of trashing everybody else’s work? Cuz it doesn’t make you look any better thats for sure. Go hop on your dads bayliner and get your front 1’s dialed in brasssssss

  12. kyle Says:

    idk about you but when i was 14 i was doing back 7s not 5s.. when are these kids gonna get any better? sheeeesh

  13. Mark DeVelde Says:

    this edit was from a couple hours of filming between sesh’s … i spend many hours editing these & don’t give a rats ass what the haters on alliance say about anything … i do these to give some exposure to the park and riders that haven’t gotten much attention and to bring back the magic of the day … thanks Alliance for posting amateur videos! we all love this sport and love what you’ve done & are doing for it :)))


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