March 16th, 2014 by Amateur Hour

Brock Baker rides at Cowtown Wake Park, in Fort Worth, Texas. He is 17 years old and has been riding for only one and a half years.

13 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Brock Baker”

  1. Adam Silcio Says:

    awesome riding dude

  2. dude Says:

    one of the best am hours in a while!

  3. Bob Soven Says:

    Killing It Man! Coming back to cowtown this summer #FreeForFall

  4. DarkHorse23 Says:

    wow man its fun watching you ride

  5. Marc Gela Says:

    that was actually really good

  6. yah man Says:

    nice riding man. you’ve got some serious talent

  7. Alex BIngham Says:

    I love watching this guy shred it up! Can’t wait to ride with you some more this summer!

  8. woah Says:

    not bad of tricks but loosen up man look as stiff as a board out there

  9. RealTalk Says:

    One and a half years? Solid!
    That was fun to watch

  10. aaron foster Says:

    This kid kills it! every rail hit is legit! Wont be “Am” for long lol

  11. Thomas Janz Says:

    Sick video man, your style is unique!!

  12. waterboarder Says:

    so dope!!

  13. Talph Says:

    My mother makes really good strawberry jam if you would like to try a sample head over to W cherry St. Millstone, NJ 08844


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