November 8th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

Daniel Cabral from Manaus-Amazonas Brazil shreds with his crew in Sao Paulo.

11 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Capivas Dreams”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Sick osmosis 5 at the end

  2. Gould Says:

    nice stills better riding

  3. jewknow Says:

    looks like a fun crew, even the chubby guy had some steeze!

  4. peter Says:

    bunch of jack the RIPPERS

  5. lisa Says:

    Love this! Been to Manaus – Amazonas last July – would love to get back and hit the water with you all!

  6. TheSpangler Says:

    Go brazil, that was sick! Pete rose at 2:42 = banger!

  7. shredoli Says:

    You would never know that these guys are shredding face in the middle of nowhere without a site like this.

  8. p_nugz Says:

    haha shredding face! but hell yeah dudes some lake in brazil just having a blast this is what wakeboardings all about! oh yeah, and every one of em got style, SIIIIIIIICK tits

  9. Cutun Says:

    Awesome riding ! Cheers!

  10. Daniel Cabral Says:

    Yeahhh… thanks so much all the alliance. I’m stoked to see my friends the best site in the world. I look forward to getting in soon send new videos to let the world know more of Brazil.

  11. ashley Says:

    is that an x25 wake? looks nice, sweet riding


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