November 3rd, 2013 by Amateur Hour

Chad Douglas is a 29 year old rider from Seattle, WA and rides mainly on Lake Washington. Chad is a great rider and is always pushing himself to the next level. After spending a week with him at his lake house in Chelan, WA, you can tell this is just the beginning of what we’ll see out of Chad. Chad would like to thank CWB and Malibu Boats for their support.

11 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Chad Douglas”

  1. Oh boy Says:

    he’s sponsored by Malibu?

  2. joe biden Says:

    This video was very inspirational, I really like the mobe he did in there. SIIIIIICK. That un-grabbed toe 5 was HUGGGEEEEEE. And that indy toe bankroll? He almost cleared the wake. Someone please come scrape my jaw off the floor. Outstanding riding. Really love to see some progression and video parts getting better and better every day. Mad style, Chad. You rock. I see why Malibu picked you up.

  3. bokdoos Says:

    Perhaps being a great representative for a brand is more than just being a total ripper. One thing is for sure. Being a negative little prick hating on everything sure ain’t the way to go if you want to get sponsored. ^^

  4. JohnTaylor Says:

    Nice riding Chad… Classy Joe Biden.

  5. Joe bidden sucks Says:

    Nice riding man keep it up!!
    Hey joe shut your face it’s amateur hour lay off …. Go comment on a stinking Aussies video who flips like a gymnast and can’t bend to touch his board… We need more riders like this over those kooks, and way less people like you

  6. Eddie Roberts Says:

    Chad is the man and a veteran ambassador of wake in the Northwest! Joe, also check out what happened to the last guy who mocked his steeze.

  7. NW is cold Says:

    Good riding!
    People also need to remember that up here in the northwest the riding season is very short compared to some other places.

  8. Elliott Says:

    Yeah Chad! Keep ridin’ dude. Love seein’ folks having fun on the wake…

  9. albert Says:

    Nice riding chad! Kinda inspirational to see someone who isn’t 15 killing it and enjoying the sport to its fullest.

  10. ClampCHamp Says:

    yea chad!

  11. ClampCHamp Says:

    NW riders! washington lake life