March 29th, 2014 by Amateur Hour

Corbin and Kevin are both from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and ride for Tinus Marine Watersports. Malibu MXZ is their towing machine and the wake is massive. They ride on a pretty small lake which is nice because there is almost never any boat traffic and they can usually find some nice clean water. These two enjoy riding together because they have totally different styles and they both like to try and one up one another. Corbin isn’t just impressive on the water but also behind the lense. Check out their edit!

12 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Corbin Blanton & Kevin Hutts”

  1. dat guy Says:

    I think pinochio has more flexibility than this guy.

  2. boomsmack Says:

    perhaps not the best style but you gotta give them props on grabing everything, that’s a lot harder than you might think

  3. Grabbing? Says:

    You call that grabbing? I think you mean barely touching with their fingertips or slapping…

  4. Ryan Says:

    It’s called “Amateur Hour” for a reason. I would suggest you not click on it next time if your just going to pick everything apart from your keyboard. The demise of wakeboarding will be these little rich pricks talking shit and putting down riders from their keyboards.

    Nice editing and riding!

  5. kevin Says:

    jeeze tough crowd ha might not be the best grabs but theres a wide variety of tricks and the edit was top notch! but hey just keep critiquing the bad, its what haters do

  6. Northeast Riders Says:

    Nice riding guys! Great edit, too! Keep it up!

  7. Dyel Says:

    Awesome riding and edit. Who ever is talking about no style must not ride

  8. cwbforlife Says:

    No matter how rich and faggy you are you still cannot purchase style hahaha. nice try tho

  9. Kyle Says:

    that front to fakie was the best trick in the video. just how Lyman used to do them

  10. dudes Says:


  11. chad Says:

    Tech wise the riding is on point. They have spins, raley based tricks, inverts, and even some cable air tricks. They are pretty well rounded. Style is subjective… Their styles are not my cup of tea. As Parks Bonifay once said “If you section doesn’t have a method it is disqualified”.

    Great edit and camera work.

  12. Anthony Says:

    Good riding but missing some style


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