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Check out Corey Miller destroying the TSR and BSR cable parks in Texas! Video by Ryan Jones.

25 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Corey Miller”

  1. Niels Willemars Says:

    Sooo legit!

  2. John Says:

    Going to go ahead and beat the dead horse. Riding without a vest is stupid and should not be scoffed at. Othewise, that was absolutely Sick.

  3. jon Says:

    Really enjoyed that. Nice to see so much style in an Am Hour cable video. Aside from the dock tapping, hopping and more tapping, that was fantastic.

  4. wwwwwoww Says:

    Dang man that was legit. Talk about throwin it down off the kickers!

  5. Duder Says:

    Nice riding with some different tricks in there too! And not one air-trick, so +10 for that alone!

  6. holy molly Says:

    Nice kicker tricks ! normal on the rails . hated the edit and song


  7. wincher Says:

    what’s the song called?

  8. TheSpangler Says:

    Boy’s got skill!

  10. Latino Thunder Says:

    Anybody know the name of this song? I’m searching high and low and can’t find it at all!

  11. whatthefunn Says:

    Sweet good job on the edit Ryan Jones.

  12. FlipDSK Says:

    Nice no fins behind the boat. Viva la finless revolution!!!!!!!!!
    Sick riding and style bro

  13. Adam Says:

    Saw him ride over the summer. He absolutely kills it

  14. dustfarter Says:

    That’s some of the most inspiring and original riding I’ve seen in a while.
    Mega props!

  15. Kenneth M. Hanover Says:

    Song is Run For Cover by F.A.C.E. for anybody who is curious.

  16. Ryker Simmons Says:

    The song fucking sucks. No one likes listening to robots fucking. Not wearing a life jacket is retarded. The edit was too choppy and gave me a headache. This dude is too tall to ever become a good wakeboarder. He would probably be a better basketball player or dancer. There were way too many kicker hits that were simply not big enough and no air tricks at all… disappointing. Too much dock hopping and rail tapping.

  17. Cole Robinson Says:

    Wow great riding! Some super unique kicker hits! I really liked that ole heel 7 type of deal around 3:30, super sick! Great editing too!

  18. Ryan Says:

    Ryker Simmons’ comment is more entertaining than this edit.

    And this edit was pretty entertaining.

  19. Kyle Woehler Says:

    corey, that was sick bro, and the RJ edit kills it as usual. Ryker, show us somethin better or f#@k off man.

  21. Ryker T Says:

    wow I really tore into you there corey. i guess thats what you get for me leaving my fb open. but seriously nice shredding.

  22. Chase Goose Says:

    kyle woehlers a bitch for using foul language nice riding buck o

  23. Luke Says:

    Less amateur than the jade whirley video…

  24. Ryan Jones Says:

    So stoked on the feedback from everyone! Thank you all for the support. Be sure to go like LITEMARE on Facebook to get updates for the next videos to drop! Be on the lookout for an edit of Tom Fooshee, Collin gee, and Kyle Cameron over the next few winter months

  25. Kyle Woehler Says:

    ryker, i just got some backstory… my bad


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