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Danny Burnstein, 22, from Lakeland, Florida has been riding boat since he was 7. He has been riding cable for the past 4 years. Here is the 2013 footage of him shredding at his home cable, McCormick’s Cable Park.

12 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Danny Burnstein”

  1. Maximo Says:


  2. yeahh dog Says:


  3. ferd terguson Says:

    this guy should be pro. he beats all the pros

  4. Riley Says:

    Is this the same kid that faked a winch shot by standing on a cement wall pretending he was sliding down it. If so Go home dude you suck!

  5. bandit Says:

    couldn’t finish the video. The music was terrible

  6. Bob Says:

    Wow, he shouldn’t be pro , but ya it’s deff an amateur video

  7. Kay Says:

    The riding in this video is sick but the edit is ok at best. Shots seem to be good but the edit is amateur and ruins the over all feel

  8. Billy Says:


  9. chad Says:

    Riley, I hope you mean concrete wall. Because a wall made of cement would be pretty remarkable.

    Camera dude needs to chill on the coffee he’s got the shakes.

  10. Zeach Says:

    Holy Zeach fest…

  11. Dude Says:

    Good rider, but sadly anyone ive ever talked to knows dannys a stuck up ass.

  12. rayfink Says:

    there’s just something about his style… that makes me really want to go back and watch the six pack videos to remind me what wakeboarding should like like


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