March 8th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

Dante Digangi in early 2012.

Dante Digangi in early 2012.

37 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Dante Digangi”

  1. Nope Says:

    I was done watching after the first two tricks. This is hard to watch after the Shredtown Lipsmack teaser.

  2. Jeff Seidenstricker Says:

    ^ I’m not sure what that means.

    Nice switch ts 5 though.

  3. jail bird Says:

    give him a break dude, it’s called amateur hour. not bad, Dante keep shredding!

  4. Bobby Says:

    sick riding…back to back tricks with consistency
    Nope – you dont’ see the Shredtown guys on anything but obstacles these days, I bet they can’t even do some of those same tricks behind the boat

  5. Steven Says:

    I guess if your into Shredtown’s junkyard wakeboarding this wouldn’t really be that appealing… To each his own. Dude shreds for an am- very impressive consistency

  6. john Says:

    It’s odd to me to see someone on the pro tour on an amature hour. Ya look great to me man keep up the good riding

  7. Sick115 Says:

    Awesome riding for someone who has only been wakeboarding for a couple years. Has better consistency then a lot of the so called “pros”
    Only gets better from here on.
    Not many riders can say they have 313s dialed behind the boat.
    Keep up the hard work man!

  8. Eng Popo Says:

    only thing amateur about that was the filming. Sick riding.

  9. logan Says:

    You’re wrong Bobby, check out Andrews Vimeo page with the early edits. They are better then that guy.

  10. The Spangler Says:

    Whirly, Crow Mobe, Raley, TS 7 combo was sick! Nice to see guys linking tricks like that as it shows consistency, more parts should be shot that way. 313 was dirty as you don’t see that trick that often.

    Keep killing it Dante!!

  11. Adam Silcio Says:

    very clean tricks. nice petes man!

  13. Max Says:

    I’m naturally going to assume this “Nope” guy above is a clown. Best am hour in a long time. Dante just going so big. Can’t really dislike that.

  14. Jamie Says:


  15. Shaun Fredrickson Says:

    Dope riding Dante! The rail section reminded me of some great summers at Sky-Dive Chicago.

    “Can’t wait till the sport starts filtering out lames like Nope.”

  16. Cole Marabito Robinson Says:

    Wow sick riding!!! Huge 313 are you kidding me?! 7, pete, moby dick and more? Nasty. Good consistency keep killing it dude!

  17. AJ Westlund Says:

    7, Pete and 313!!!

  18. Add Says:

    Dante slays bitches

  19. steveP Says:

    dude was going huge with what looked like very little effort. well done!
    -Steven- nice call on the “junkyard” wakeboarding. iv’e been looking for a good term to sum up all the pallet, road cone, and random pipe wakeboarding they do.

  20. dude Says:

    o geeze steveP, you sir are a cookie cutter, reeboks tied tight, giant cwb lifejacket wearing weekend warrior aren’t you? i bet you gotta mean toeside elephant huh?

  21. Jonathan Says:

    These ungrabbed gymnastics are a giant step backwards.

  22. john Says:

    how do you grab a 313 you must be a wake skater

  23. Nick Korum Says:

    That toe 7 and 313 were huge! Money video!

  24. Dylan Says:

    that was sick, everything was nice and big. 313 FTW!

  25. Flip D$K Says:

    gymnastics on water

    go shredtown

    trex and plexi glass rails are lame lol

  26. JimBob Says:

    Prob looks like gymnastics because he is a gymnist…cough cough fag.

  27. Mike Dixson Says:

    He slaps instead of grabs.

  28. Sick115 Says:

    Don’t you all have better things to do then rag on a kid who’s following his dreams?
    Get a damn life. He’s a good rider and can probably out ride any of you. It’s pretty sad to see people who are passonate about the sport rag on other people. Plus he qualified for the pro tour his first year competing. I don’t see any of you on the tour or alliance wake.

  29. Gavin Says:

    Nice call man! This isn’t snowboarding where you judge every single rider. This is wake boarding where everyone is supported by everyone else!!

  30. Ryann Pullman Says:

    Nice raley and pete rose. Your have a nice poppy and aggressive style.

  32. Adam Says:

    The riding was cool at first. I was thinking eff yea nice toe off 7 but then I was more amused at how many times he fixed his shorts.

  33. Jimmy F Says:

    Sick riding, watch out for this guy on the pro tour this season, top 10 forsure

  34. Kyle Gardner Says:

    i just had to give some mad props to this dude!!!!!! and a big F uuuu to all the haters!!!!!!! its all abut the love of our sport!

  35. Sick115 Says:

    Amen to that!

  36. Mike Says:

    Watch out on tour my ass. how can ANYONE know if he is even consistent? Its a video. Either way decent riding but learn to grab. looks like shit slapping

  37. Josh Says:

    It’s sad to see so much hate in the sport of wakeboarding. It’s always been on where everyone appreciated other riders. I guess all that has changed.


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