March 15th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

Devin Tatro throwing down in this week’s Amateur Hour.

Devin Tatro throwing down in this week’s Amateur Hour.

13 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Devin Tatro”

  1. holy casing Says:

    got a few good tricks for sure but -1 on style points and -5 for casing the wake half the time. heelside progressive edge bro! work on style more though, not just a big bag of tricks.

  2. brasalien Says:

    which email should i send my vid to if i want to show my skills at the amateur hour?

  3. Reeder Says:

    Holy Casing. how about you work on your style. good style would be a congrats to him for making it on the Alliance site with his video. Not baashing him for having a huge bag of tricks. Lets try to help our peers progress and now let them down with negativity from our own lives. Im Casey Case-em and your lisenting to the top 40.

  4. John Says:

    ^Agreed. It is a legit am video. Nice work, Devin.

  5. Not a Straper Says:

    Great Edit!! Good to see sponsored riders out there shredding, helping us all see how to promote to sport! Thanks Devin!!

  6. Lineman WCC Says:

    Like the halfcab melon poke at 00:48

  7. 6'7'' Says:

    heaven forbid he cases a trick the third time he ever sticks it. mad props for pushing himself to progress. i think its awesome to see videos of local riders sticking mobes and what not. get money.

  8. Clayon Underwood Says:

    YEAH DEVIN!!! good work buddy! keep it up

    And I’m with Reeder. As for the guy up top, chill out man. The kid is stoked just to be on the site! Push more positive out there than negative in order to help grow the sport, which benifits everyone.

    Regardless of what people can or can’t do its great that Alliance does this kinda of thing to stoke kids out all over the states/world in order to really push and grow the sport

  9. The Spangler Says:

    Sick riding Devin keep it up, nice bag and most importantly it looks like you are having a fun time shredding which is what wakeboarding is really all about!

  10. Adam Wensink Says:

    Nice work Devin! Killing it man. Im with reeder and clayton. Some people just suck at life and try to bring others down with them. Keep shripping!

  11. add Says:

    nice shredding devin,

  12. Eileen Says:

    Nice work!!!!

  13. Goldberg and Osborne Says:

    He’s definitely going to need a lawyer for those cases.

    He’s still better than me though…. Dangit. I suck.


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