May 24th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

Donny Chattin from  Chesapeake Virginia checks in for this week’s amateur hour.

Video by Travis Ilapit

Donny Chattin from  Chesapeake Virginia checks in for this week’s amateur hour.
Video by Travis Ilapit

20 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Donny Chattin”

  1. Dylan Says:


  3. Jon Abendoth Says:

    terrible style

  4. Cam Hadden Says:

    Sich edit man! Can I score a pull with you guys? I’m stuck in Hampton, VA until July and I don’t know a soul down here.

  5. Cam Hadden Says:

    *Sick edit haha

  6. DonDon Chattin Says:

    yeah man maybe ill see what i can do i dont have a boat i just bum rides so ill see if anyone is going out and has room

  7. Mason Says:

    sketchiest style ever.

  8. Ernest Bruni Says:

    again with the negativity regarding style… great job donny, keep doin what you do!

  9. Brandon Bell Says:

    nice riding dude we need to shred sometime

  10. Russell Schampers Says:

    If this is amateur hour I certainly suck at wakeboarding… F all the haters ragging on your style. Good riding from my perspective. Tricks don’t always go down quite the way the rider wants them to and I don’t care if some of your tricks aren’t polished to the point of dvd ready. Haters gonna hate…

  11. bobby Says:

    I have an 07 vlx and live in Newport news, va. We ride the chicahominy river pretty frequently. Got some friends with a22’s, lsv’s, and b52’s. Id be willing to hook up a pull if you don’t mind throwing down for some gas

  12. Chuch Says:

    HAHA….know that boat well and I can see you are holding down Pea Hill! Nice work man.

  13. DonDon Chattin Says:

    yeah bobby ill be down for sure man sounds good

  14. Cam Hadden Says:

    I got gas money all day my friend. Kick me an email with your contact info and I’ll hit you up. I got my board in my car at all times, so I’m good to ride whenever. I can be to your spot in less than an hour I’m pretty sure.
    much love!

  15. Jon Abendoth Says:

    i take it back his style isnt that bad

  16. TheSpangler Says:

    Nice bag Donny

  17. Patrick Karls Says:

    haha he took it back…dude this is at gaston?! donny talk to chad cundiff and teach us how to flip!

  18. Josh Bank Says:

    very solid tricks!

  19. kyle rowland Says:

    yaa 757. do you keep you boat at gaston? ever put in at bobs or in the intercoastal?

  20. DonDon Chattin Says:

    thats not my boat thats my friends but yeah they keep it down in gaston i havent been to bobs this year but i went almost every weekend last year i been riding inter coastal a lot tho


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