August 30th, 2013 by Amateur Hour

Grayson Dannecker rides at OWC in Orlando. He’s only been riding for a few years but has progressed a ton. All around fun kid and great rider.

15 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Grayson Dannecker”

  1. SICKKK Says:

    nice video, fun to watch!

  2. Andy Milovanovic Says:

    Dude! me and Robbie McmMillin are loving those tootsie rolls, we thing the wake industry needs more of em! and cable parks are sick because we like to ride 65′ behind the boat so it makes us feel at home.

  3. John Haile Says:

    Fact. The 5 greatest wakeboarders are Grayson, Grayson, Grayson, Grayson and Grayson

  4. Jason P Says:

    Obviously a very skilled rider, however wake zeach would have a field day with this particular edit.

  5. ok Says:

    No legit press , Zeach fest .. keep working duouude

  6. JB ONeill Says:

    sick rider for sure, especially for how difficult o-dub is to ride. DOPE keep it up man

  7. bro Says:

    wakezeach already got him on the prespin t9…maybe one of those henshaw hits was zeachy but most were pretty t’d up especially that back 180 nose, tail, front 3 out…sick back 9 lookin soooo easy and chill. It’s an Am hour most of the pro video coming out have a 180 pre spun double and some halfway backlip…haha look at this vs. Justin teich vid who zeached more? with a back 9 I woulda featured this over his.. Somthin to think about eh

  8. kyle gardner Says:

    hot dang that was dope makes me wana ride cable!!!!!!

  9. M Says:

    Sick riding, who cares about a couple of zeaches? its amateur hour he has time to fix it. Keep riding dude

  10. baller Says:

    pre spinning is tits.

  11. Brian Says:

    Nice! Now if he could just move to clear lake and smoke a little grass he will be set!!!

  12. Matty h Says:

    Good edit and kicker , ok rails, but for bro^^ this is a zeach fest who cares if u ride a wakeboard ur gunna zeach figure it out, this and justin edit are sick, haters mad cause they ain’t featured online

  13. hater Says:

    wakeboarding looks way better locked in. but ya work on your spinny thingys

  14. Strictly Business Productions Says:

    The song choice was epic!! Good stuff!

  15. Dillon Says:

    Swagger on my nips!


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