December 7th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

New video of James Loisel who is 14 years old from Orlando,Florida.

Video by Shawn Morrison

10 Responses to “Amateur Hour: James Loisel 2012”

  1. Nice Says:

    Strong fundamentals, clean style, and a helicopter. I like the first two. The chopper is maybe a bit much…

  2. Steven Says:

    Why focus on an awesome obstacle in a shot and then go back to boat riding? I feel like I’ve been robbed.

  3. Bill Dance Says:

    Going to SERIOUS lengths to film an amateur hour. Unless I am just unaware helicopter fuel is cheaper than ethanol-free gasoline…

  4. corey Says:

    rents got that cash! good riding from a 14 year old though!

  5. boshek Says:

    I think the heli was filimg a competition he was in if you look at the shoreline, they probably just took what footage they shot of him. but not bad for a 14 year old he missed a few grabs but is trying!

  6. Bevan Says:

    Great riding…really enjoyed the vid!!!

  7. Nugflap Says:

    Funny how that song is from Twilight. haha. good riding

  8. Charlton Says:

    So much style already for such a young rider

  9. Jim Says:

    Thanks for all the positive feed backso far! The helicopter was from the Pros n Joes event in South Florida. Shawn from Wakeboarding films who did the video also did that event so he used some footage from that. James is looking to go Jr. Pro Men this year so keep yours eyes out for him.

  10. kanye west Says:

    wheres the cool tricks at ;)


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