April 2nd, 2013 by Amateur Hour

Jesse Darflinger is our newest Amateur Hour. Here’s some info about Jesse. “My names Jesse Darflinger. Im a local rider in Gainesville, GA. I lived in Tampa, FL for 8 months for the winter. And this is some of the footage that I gathered. I want to thank McCormicks for everything they’ve done, SMG wake for helping me with whatever I needed, Friends, Family, and everyone else who I can’t think of to list. Thank you!”

6 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Jesse Darflinger”

  1. Mark shols Says:

    This rail riding is god aweful…

  2. Al Says:

    mark maybe you should make a video of yourself and watch people talk

    down your riding too

  3. illtypemoves Says:

    i hope im not the only one who watched this and then got up to put the art of flight in the dvd (bluray) player…….

  4. hello Says:

    front shifty’s back 1’s are neato

  5. Jamie Graff Says:

    Nice riding bro!

  6. Jesse Darflinger Says:

    Thanks Jamie! Also thanks to everyone else even the haters! I love all you guys, it pushes me so hard to be a better rider in every aspect of the sport.


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