July 12th, 2013 by Amateur Hour

This is Johnnie Paul, 14 years old. He’s been riding cable for around 3 years now. His home cable is Wake Nation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

13 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Johnnie Paul”

  1. Mickler Says:

    Such a good rail rider, your like the bruce lee of wakeboarding.

  2. AB Says:

    nice work

  3. Dylan Mitchell Says:


  4. Birdman Says:

    Yeah Johnnie, Killin it!!! I need to quit my job and get back to shreddin with you guys!

  5. Kyle Says:

    pretty impressive for 14!! these kids are getting so good

  6. Broomrider Says:


  7. ham Says:

    best front 3 outs in the game

  8. Dude Says:

    Killin it

  9. sixseven Says:

    Sick rail riding. and no 900 spins on rails. Legit switch-ups for days!

  10. Taylor Hanley Says:

    This is an awesome edit, for a 14 year old girl.

  11. Joseph Delworth Says:

    This chick shreds!

  12. Zach Novak Says:

    ayyy yeah buddy!!

  13. Christy Says:

    She is soo hot


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