September 20th, 2012 by Amateur Hour

Jon Dickey checking in from McCormick’s Cable Park in Tampa,FL for this week’s Amateur Hour.

Video by Sean Carmichael

28 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Jon Dickey”

  1. jake Says:

    good rails hits…kickers? boat? air tricks? Seems like every new video out is just rails on the peak.

  2. JBank Says:

    Sick Riding Dickey! You’re the man!

  3. Alicia Says:

    So much style! And one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet. He kills it!

  4. Rodney Rails Says:

    Don’t worry, this guy can spin to win off kickers and he has solid air trick style! In my opinion cramming all of that in videos is too common. It is nice to see the different variations of hits on the same rails. It shows creativity and skills. Its not whats missing in the video, but what you’re missing! Great shots and edit as well! Love wakeboarding and the progression of the sport! It seems like there is way too much criticism in this sport and its unfortunate…

  5. Voice of the people Says:

    This Video Should be Named” REAL best rail Rider in the world” because this guy, stomps the OTHER guy(wont mention names) in the dirt. Yeah stacking rails on top of rails is creative in a way, but Dickey actually shreds, he’s Got skillz and im not talking the gimmicky”look i can ollie a sketchy cone” type skillz. Technicly perfect riding. Dickey is the BEST rail rider in the world.IMHO!!! Come to think of it, Amateur hour is not the place for him, his place is on the cover!

  6. max Says:

    good on rails. for sure better than me… but lets get REAL “voice of the ppl”

  7. Jon dickey Says:

    I appreciate the nice words and the support from friends but this video has nothing to do with other riders. I don’t want this to become a huge debate I just wanted to be able to share my riding with people who would enjoy it. I appreciate your intentions but comments like that arent needed. Everyone has different style, not better or worse. What you like someone else won’t and vis versa… Anyways <3 <3

  8. Rodney Rails Says:

    This is what Im saying!!! Wakeboarding is full of critics and haters! Where’s the love? Though Jon, this video promotes violence, you are clearly caught on camera murrrrdering these obstacles!!

  9. Bret Nowell Says:

    Great riding by Jon and good edit work. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Steven Says:

    The flatbar and kinked rail sections in this video are insane. Dickey kills it!

  11. blake Says:

    2:40-2:48 some of the most stylish tricks IMO… mmmm mmmmmm good

  12. bandit Says:

    eats shit at 2:55

  13. FlipDSK Says:

    Sick edit love all the slams, shows dedication

  14. The Truth Says:

    People throw around “the best in the world” way too often in wakeboarding. This kid is definitely not the best in the world at anything… his riding is creative…

    If you want to compare apples to apples, put this kid in wake the line with Raph, Oli, Shred Town Crew, Daniel Grant, and some of those crazy Europeans and see who wins.

    I’m willing to bet it would not be Dick.

  15. Ryan Says:

    We’re talkong strictly rails here “truth”. This guy dominates rails and is so technical in his performance. We’re not talking about kickers and air tricks and a two lap run of his best tricks vs said names best tricks to be judged by the political style judging in wakeboarding. Everything is so political in this sport and there is tons of favortism going on in these tournaments. All I wanted to chyme in and say is I see where these kids are saying he is the beat on RAILS. No one is really hitting rails this technical (keepong it 90, and not bending at the waist). These other said names are just building cool sketchy things and grinding them. This kid shows how to dominate on rails and thus people are saying he is the best at what he does. So THE TRUTH is said names might win these tournaments with their zeaching but this Dickey kid is no zeacher!

  16. Sean Says:

    Amen!!!! Ryan. I also agree with the voice of the ppl to an extent. And mr rails. To much political bulllllshit in wake today. I could name numerous examples from the red bull event to last years trick of the year…to lidburgs political crap at wwa events. Dickey u shred though buddy. And you keep it real!

  17. Drew Says:

    Nice riding Brah. Mad Steez

  18. Eric Says:

    a bit too crooky to say jon is a no zeacher “ryan”…

  19. brian bell Says:

    jon dicky eats a dick !!! straight legs , bad handle position, the same 270 every time there is no way in this retard is any where near the best in the world….lol. just because u dumb counts ant never seen a decent rail rider dosent mean he is any where near the best . where have u been have u not seen raph. lol many the best at that shit cable park mcormicks there are way better rail riders at my local cabe lol is that an approved vest dicky u hypocritical cunt ?

  20. Lol Says:

    Haha! brian bell, is mad cuz he has no skillz. and calling names because he was made to follow the CGA rule. and it sounds like he has a 2nd grade education.

  21. Jon Dickey Says:

    hahaha! Thanks for all the kind words and not so kind words guys, and yes this is a CGA vest and even though I filmed before hours and after hours and the rules are different I still used one :). Sorry if you had a bad experience @ McCormicks Brian Bell.

  22. Colby M Says:

    I enjoyed watching you slay rails brotha man.

  23. Ryan Says:

    I’ve been to cables all over the world and I have seen the best of the best. That is why I am confident in saying this kid has mad skill on rails. If you knew what you were talking about you would clearly see it is not the same 270 and that is why it is impressive. He does it all with very limited rails. I say he is one of the best. Henshaw in my eyes has been dominating with steez for years now but this is truly the first kid ive seen with the zeachless hits like Henshaw. Raph is amazing yes, but in a different category. Im not comparing him. Raph does sketchy hits and is creative with his OBSTACLES not neccessarily his hits on those obstacles. He has the ability to build creative rails but that is not proving his hita are the best… Btw straight leg and straight back press is legit, way harder than bending both your knees and your back looking like a hobit keeping balance. So these hits from other said names are so zeachified its not even funny! As for handle position lmao you are clueless. Just watch henshaw and watch dickey, americans are dominating ay? Lol

  24. truth Says:

    the straight legs make him look like he has a d in his b. shut up ryan.

  25. JimBob Says:

    @Ryan is an idiot…he used “LOL”….fagg

  26. david Says:

    damn slayin it, what cam you shoot with?

  27. Kirby Says:

    yay dicky!

  28. BB Says:

    LAME fuck u clowns must live in a box your hole life because u just have no fucking idea what good rail riding is! and no respect! dude u r just a self proclaimed best in the world hahahahahaha fuck i just laugh when i read that shit ….. just cause a few of your friends can right in and say some wak shit dosent mean shit …… u r just another avrage cable worker who thinks hes killing it in his own little cable park world where he works for minum wage lol eat a dick dicky i am better than u for fuck sake not to mention the loads of ppl i know who are better than me hahahah best in the world hahaha not for shit


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