December 31st, 2013 by Submitted

Kevin Hutts is 23 and he rides in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Kevin is sponsored by Monster, Spy Optics and by Tinus Marine Watersports. He typically rides behind a Malibu MXZ and loves it! Being picked up by O’Brien Wakeboards is an amazing opportunity for him and he’s super excited to be representing them in 2013. Kevin’s friend, coach, and riding buddy Corbin Blanton owns CB Filmz and has done all my filming and editing.

3 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Kevin Hutts”

  1. reppin Says:

    sweet cwb board in the intro! way to represent your board sponsor

  2. Kevin Says:

    You obviously didn’t listen to the interview in the beginning

  3. Tom M Says:

    Have watched this guy ride a bunch…..he kills it behind the boat and cable. Can’t wait to see him get back to 100%.


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