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Sesitec’s newest System 2.0 park ‘Valley Wake Park’ recently opened just outside of Vancouver. Liam Phillips has always been a local rider and is now heavily involved in not only riding at this park daily, working there, and driving the System 2.0. Whenever he isn’t driving, he is riding. Check out 53 seconds with Valley Wake Park’s Liam Phillips.

7 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Liam Phillips”

  1. eggboi Says:

    That was sick! wakeboarding needs more almost grabs and dubstep…

  2. Truth Says:

    Nothing made that enjoyable to watch

  3. Robby McMillan Says:

    That was the gayest thing Ive have ever seen, and i watch alot of gay porn.

  4. wow Says:

    This was the worst amateur hour I have ever seen

  5. Caseofwake Says:

    Got to see Liam ride at Canadian Cable Nats at Le Beach Club…. Liam is a ripper on Cable. It was some tough compitition.

  6. lol Says:

    cable nationals at beach club, sounds sick. hahahahah

  7. Justin H. Says:

    Liam, Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll only get better. It is not easy to get to your level.


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