November 4th, 2010 by Patrick Wieland

WOW! This kid shreds!

Summer 2010 footage of Michael Dowdy, wakeboarding while training with Wake Sessions Wake School in Michigan on Brighton Lake.

Video by Chris Laske

WOW! This kid shreds!
Summer 2010 footage of Michael Dowdy, wakeboarding while training with Wake Sessions Wake School in Michigan on Brighton Lake.
Video by Chris Laske

45 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Michael Dowdy”

  2. Jp Says:

    way better than absher. and the riding is through the roof. Can we see more of this kid? Some rails maybe?

  4. conb Says:

    kgb 5, moby 5, back 7, toe 9 this kid is insane!

  5. DUB Says:

    Yeahya Mike! Your killing it dude!

  6. Justin H. Says:

    Are KGB 5s and Moby Dick 5s normal now? Wow.

  7. Aaron Snow Says:

    Holy Kit and Kaboodle! This kid Rips!

  8. Matty C Says:

    hes tech but it looks like everyone else who’s doing whirly flips and helicopters

  9. adam silcio Says:

    wow, best amateur footy i’ve seen in a long time. how old is this kid?

  10. Mish Says:

    Extremo style

  11. Mish Says:

    Nice back 180 tho

  12. nate perry Says:

    yeah M.D. Chris had done a good job coaching you. This shouldnt be an amature hour. that was pro level if not better. someone needs to sign this kid. he a gangster.

  13. Justin Lee Says:

    For real he’s as good as any pro out there! Awesome song too what is it?

  14. paul d Says:

    amateur hour? no. more like jr pro men hour.

  15. Patrick Says:

    Who sings this song?

  16. good vibes Says:

    impressive. i concur that this isn’t amateur

  17. poop Says:

    the crazy thing about dowty is that he only rides about 4 months a year

  18. Mike Dowdy Says:

    The song is City Boy by Chief. Tahnks for the Comments!

  19. Tim Kiester Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Nate. Great coaching Laske, great ridding Dowdy… Not amateur at all!

  20. PRO or AM? Says:

    In every other sport your not classified as a “PRO” till u get a pro model. In skate boarding most AMs on teams are really really good and deserve to be pro but they have to work to get that PRO model board to be considered PRO. In wakeboarding anyone with stickers on their board is an AM and then anyone who gets free gear is a PRO.

    Lets set it straight guys. Lets set the bar for being classified as an AM too being a rider like Michael someone who shredddds but doesnt have a pro model. When he gets a pro model one day hell be PRO.

    none the less this kid shreds and whats he like 12?

  21. Patrick Wieland Says:

    When this kid gets older and his muscles develop he will learn style. Hes already got the tricks give him a couple years and hell be insane.

  22. Gavin Says:

    sick riding dowdy. ya killed it

    ^ def dont have to have your own model to be considered “pro”. and getting things for free also does not make you “pro” lmao

  24. Grasman Says:

    Michigan represent. Yeah Michael Dowdy the realness.

  25. Wakeology Wakeboards Says:

    Michael is a ripper!

    We at Wakeology are in the process of working out a pro model board with Michael. He represents a true wakeboarder and all around good kid. Robert is already on board to film his part in the next year video as well.
    Way to go Michael, hope to hear back from you soon!


  26. Not Wakeology Says:

    Yeah, that’s a solid career move… I’d stick with CWB.

  27. Not Abhser Says:

    And doing a feature film with Absher is gonna give you some sick exposure too. Everyone’s gonna watch that, especially after he showed how well received he and his videos are.

  28. Sherman Says:

    This kid surprises me with another 5 new high level tricks every time I ride with him. Truly talented…… Have the highest hopes for him.

  29. BRENNER Says:

    Stop Hating. This kids got real skill, definitely soon-to-be-pro status. Sorry he couldnt poke the grab on his heel 7 any longer.

  30. jordan Says:

    holy $$$$$

  31. Kyle Says:

    Unbelievable man. I remember about 10 years ago watchin him try tantrums when the wake was almost as tall as he was on an unweighted boat. Congrats on keeping with it, looks like gettin out of LSL was a good move. Say what up to the fam, and sick riding again dude.

  32. Mike Dowdy Says:

    No offense to wakeology, but that comment was a total lie

  33. Wakeology is a joke Says:

    Thank God. Wakeology is a joke of a company with a team made up of a bunch of jokes of riders

  34. Wakeology Says:

    Mike, are you serious bro? did you not get your sponsorship package that I sent out to you? I hope I had your right address, msg me back on facebook and we’ll talk.

    and “wakeology is a joke”

    I find this comment a huge insult to our company and our team. All of our riders have a driven passion for the sport, and are simply great people. On top of that they have big bags of tricks, lots of style, creative minds, and help with our brand. They are athletes, simply that. Wakeology is definetly NOT a joke


  35. Wakeology Fan Says:

    Mike, I feel like it would be an excellent career choice for you to join wakeology. They can could help you make some serious moves in this awesome wakeboard scene. Put some thought into it… See you on the flip side bro.

    P.S. I know they will give you a full part in there new movie coming out called “Wakeology For Life”

  36. ??? Says:

    So I am confused. Your first comment says u r coming out with a “mike dowdy pro model”. Ur next 2 comments r asking mike if he would join wakeology?? What kind of reputable company makes false accusations about a person they “wish” would ride for them?? Not headed in the right direction in ur pursuit to get a better team going. Sure hope ur not the owner of this company and best of luck surviving.

  37. Matty C Says:

    Who hasn’t wakeology asked to be on their team. I was like 16 when they asked me lol

  38. wakeology for life Says:

    I guess you have to sponsor everyone when no on will buy your boards

  39. WakeMikey Says:

    Mod please close this thread, these comments are a very poor reflection on us all.

  40. Matt Tiffany Says:

    Best amateur hour ive seen

  41. hippyhop Says:

    Wakeology consists of kooks, Absher films is pathetic….. your better than that kid, keep shredding.

  42. Al Says:

    Hell Yeah Mike! Holding down the dirty mitten!

  43. kyleevans Says:

    i dont think You can call this “amateur hour” pro model or not, kid shreds hard than most pros out there. Dont worry Mike wakeology will give you that pro model once you get a little better and prove yourself, it cant be easy trying to get a pro model when everyone on wakeology rips harder than you

  44. Danny Burnstein Says:

    Mike, dont ride for wakeology. they blow, but there is room on gator with me! sick video! You stomped alot of cool trick but your style was lacking… Gator only takes ridders with sick style, so just work on that and i might be able to get you on the team!

  45. the really danny burnstien Says:

    hey you guys this is the really danny burnstein idk who wrote that last post using my name but who ever you r fuck u thats really fucked up mike is a good friend and no one should ever rip on this kid he is most likely the best rider to come out of the mid west in years and mike sick video man have a good winter


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