April 13th, 2014 by Amateur Hour

Mitch, riding at 13 years old. All shots are at Adam Fields, Orlando Winter Wakeboard Camp and on Lake Gaston NC/VA.

6 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Mitch Kappler”

  1. Kyle Linsey Says:

    very impressive for 13 years old

  2. BAM Says:

    wow nice riding!!

  3. Shredder Says:

    Sick riding for only 13!! Edit sucked though, someone should make this kid a real vid

  4. Adam Fields Says:

    Thanks Alliance Wake! Mitch has incredible talent and work ethic. He’d for sure be World Champ in either Jr. Boys or Boys if he hadn’t been unluckily injured at the worst times. He told me “He could get into the boots by himself” at 3 years old, during our first lesson. I’m so proud of this young shredder!

  5. Orion S. Says:

    What no raleys?!?

    jk, super impressive riding, and really impressive bag of tricks.

  6. Tom McCauley Says:

    He’s a stud for sure, and awesome kid to boot. You should be proud of where he’s at. Can’t wait to continue to watch him progress.


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