February 13th, 2013 by Amateur Hour

Nick is in his mid-20’s from Manchester, NH. He rides on Suncook lake in Barnstead, NH and works as a firefighter in Manchester. He appeared on Amateur hour a couple years ago and hes back again!

Rider: Nick Poulin
Filmed and edited by: Anthony Ciardell

8 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Nick Poulin”

  1. Preston Says:

    If i see one more edit to this song………..good stuff though regardless of the music

  2. ClampCHamp Says:

    ever think of riding maybe 5 more feet out ?

  3. Brian Says:

    hey Clamp have you hit that heelside backroll yet?

  4. Nick Says:

    CLamp, yeah I was thinking about it but that would put me at 87 feet. Have you tried riding that far out?

  5. ClampCHamp Says:

    i have

  6. Rock Says:

    CLamp, where is your video? I would love to see you hit that heel side back @ 87 feet!
    Nick, inspiring clip, fresh style, I will watch it to get me amped this season for sure.

  7. Rock Says:

    I just watched it again, that super stalled out 3 off the double up was soooooo sick! I can’t wait to see you progress that trick with a grab. Mad props!

  8. Lev Says:

    pretty sick. keep up the good work. huge raley there.


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