October 5th, 2013 by Amateur Hour

Nick’s 20 years old from Covington, Louisiana and when not riding Cajun X Cables, he’s usually riding on the Tchefuncte River or Intercostal behind his Xstar.

8 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Nick Vaccari”

  1. the rock Says:

    great vid nice to see someone who isnt worrying about zeaching !

  2. Kyle Says:

    that kid lands everything so easy, with bigger kickers and a more advanced park he will go crazy

  3. joe Says:

    Does this guy ride for liquid force, jet pilot, and red bull? He makes it seem that way with all of them at the end, but I thought this was “amateur hour.”

  4. Lev Says:

    killer work man!

  5. club Says:

    yeah Nick!

  6. ok Says:

    zeach fest

  7. bro Says:

    gay style easy tricks

  8. Clint Esmond Says:

    nice edit! rail hits improving a shit ton, coming from a nobody like myself of course. Heal ya leg up soon man maybe i’ll have a new board by the time you’re on the up and adam


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