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Hello Im Robby Holihan I am 14 years old and will be in Jr. Pro Men next year(first year on tour). Check out this recent video on one of the coldest days of winter yet!

Video By: Shawn Morrison

Hello Im Robby Holihan I am 14 years old and will be in Jr. Pro Men next year(first year on tour). Check out this recent video on one of the coldest days of winter yet!
Video By: Shawn Morrison

17 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Robby Holihan”

  1. EdgarPerez Says:

    yea young Blood!! get that money$!!

  2. ?? Says:

    Same tricks over and over… coulda been a 30 second clip.

  3. ricky Says:

    yea the vid was a lil repetitive but there was some good hammer tricks.. bright future for robby!

  4. pirate Says:

    14 yr old pro

  5. George Says:

    Again why all the haters you killed it and what your name mr. question mark you pry cant even ride

  6. dirtstache Says:

    for real robbies the realist thing that has come to obrien and hes fourteen howre you goin to hate on a kid that can do dumdums like its his job and probably railey over your house.

  7. Tim Says:

    awesome riding! got some great tricks but….can the wakeboarding community please ban ghosts n’ stuff from all future videos?? Regardless, great stuff mr. holihan

  8. gay Says:

    that vid was wack, wooo dum dum ive seen many 14 year olds do dum dum’s 7’s way bigger hammers then that. he aint no 14 year old pro and that was kind of a diss to obrien by saying that statement, i think sean obrien is the best thing going for that company and n. ennen. all you idiot thinking this is a good vid are probably the ones who suck at wakeboarding and are amazed by this shit, yea say i probably cant do these tricks, your right i cant i can do better ones without looking at the camera and wearing a head band

  9. Straight Says:

    Dude your totally right… Send your video in next thursday since your soo good and can drop that many hammers. Maybe you could go blow Sean O’brien and Nick Ennen too while your at it

  10. BOOM Says:


  11. gay Says:

    already blew them man, working on parks next.

  12. wow Says:

    who cares how repetitive it is this kid rips. he has a bright future prolly better then everyone who said otherwise.

  13. Jeff Says:

    Yeah I gotta go with wow on this one. definately some tricks that we all can do but guaranteed you couldn’t at 14. dude is going to get real good in the next 4 years or so. and isn’t the name of this feature “amateur hour”? who the hell is expecting to see groundbreaking hammers in these videos? they’re just kids closer to our skill level riding and filming…

  14. in response to gay Says:

    first of all there are no 14 year olds doing dumdum 7s second of all robby is most likley going to be obriens best rider when he gets to the pro mens and third of all its not a headband its because he has blown hes eardrum literally 6 times wow your pathetic

  15. Shawn Morrison Says:

    Glad to see so many people sticking up for Robby. He is a great kid, and deserves the recognition. I am sorry that we all have to see the haters on this site. I wish every one could realize that it is supposed to be a fun sport, and stop trying to critique “Amature Hour”. One of the reasons I love wakeboarding so much is that all of the people I have met so far that ride on a professional level have been good people. I don’t know where these haters came from that are “so good” that they can’t even post their own name.

  16. Tom Says:

    Yeah whoever bashes this kid doesn’t actually wakeboard. It was a sick video, and regardless if it was repetitive or not, you always give props to anyone who goes out and throws down what they got. No one that I ride with would ever put a fellow rider down for anything, thats what makes wakeboarding so awesome. So quit hatin on this kid cuz he throws down harder than any 14 yr old ive seen. Props man.

  17. broskinoski Says:

    Keep killin it son… kids goin places if he wants. Wsup with all the HATERS postin this negative nonsense… From my experience i have come to realize that all the Haters are the rich kids who are mad they can’t buy style, or they have never had to work for shi_ in their life. Grow up, humble yourselves and quit giving this sport a bad name … keep shreddin son!!


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