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Checkout amateur Robert Absher riding his local cable park.

29 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Robert Absher”

  1. dudeman Says:

    Oh man, I know where this is going. Props to dude for doing his thing though. Work hard, play hard.

  2. ... Says:

    It’s official… Alliance cred has hit rock-bottom

  3. tits Says:

    seems like this dude just loves to ride… shouldn’t be on alliance though, pretty disappointed.

  4. Bob Says:

    You jokers shouldn’t be on alliance

  5. matty c Says:

    dude is the master of zeaches/ bad style lol

  6. Hater Says:

    I thought alliance hated this guy haha

  7. NCrider Says:

    I would come to this dude’s defense.. but he usually acts kinda douchey at the local park

  8. Mobe Says:

    I don’t get it. Robert has always seemed to speak in what he believes in. A quality that most people don’t have. I like the video. Not all bangers, but you can tell that the guys loves the sport. He also has a lot of sponsors, which means he is doing something right.

  9. Haha Says:

    If he has all those sponsors why does he have to pressure wash…….hmmmmmmm

  10. Chuck Says:

    You guys ruin wake boarding. Someone having fun riding and the nut riders are always running to criticize. Half of you probably spend most of your time watching videos critiquing instead of actually out riding. Get off the “Proper Style” nut sack. It’s called style b/c everyone has their own, and zeaching is a lame word made up by lame people who don’t actually just love the sport. However these are also the same dudes wearing jeans that belong on a teenage emo chick.

  11. Chuckie Says:

    People who complain about people talking about style usually suck ^^^
    And just because everyone “has their own style” doesn’t make shitty riding look good

  12. Chuck Says:

    @Chuckie Says, Post up some of your riding. Oh wait, that’s right, you’re not the one on the alliance page cover, LOL, and who are you to determine what is or isn’t shitty riding? My money says your riding wouldn’t get you very far b/c your attitude is very poor. If his riding is so “shitty” then how does he have sponsors? OH WAIT b/c there is more to wake boarding than just what YOU think is cool. Lets your nuts drop out of those tight jeans buddy!

  13. what? Says:

    Why does this dude keep talking about tight jeans?

  14. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    backpack cam + waterproof armband + watch = pure genius

  15. Olé Says:

    that double olé handle pass 1080 was the tits. would have loved to see that angle from the backpack cam.

  16. boomsmack Says:

    as soon as I saw the video I went and grabbed the popcorn cuz I knew the comment section would be good

  17. Chuck Says:

    Man all day and still nobody on here hating on his riding has posted any of their riding… looks like a bunch of little punk internet sh*t talkers as usual. @haha Do you have any idea how many riders you see riding the pro tour and in videos that STILL have regular jobs? You could have 15 sponsors and still not be able to make a living doing it and those are top tier riders that have been riding the tour for years. Get your head out of your ass and school yourself up on the roots of wake boarding. Find out who started in it from the beginning, and you will see that VERY FEW riders/industry people actually become pros that make a living doing it. The tight jeans comment is to all you little mid teeners out there that think you know something about wake boarding but honestly don’t know anything really about it besides what a trend article in a magazine or on Facebook says is “cool” that day. Now shut the hell up and go ride!

  18. wow Says:

    I think we all can figure out who “Chuck” is.. lol

  19. Robert Absher Says:

    I’m not chuck but thanks for the support. For the record, none of my sponsors pay me. Simply product and I am thankful for their generosity. I work hard at my real job pressure washing. Wakeboarding for me is a release from the real life. I also want to thank Alliance for posting my video. I am honored to be in amateur hour.

  20. Chuck Says:

    Damn @wow. Guess you were wrong. LOL

  21. Chuck Says:

    I like balls.. LOL tight jeans and balls! LOL

  22. boomsmack Says:

    I liked the video Robert! and to alliance I enjoy any video even if it isn’t the coolest thing ever. any wakeboarding is good wakeboarding. These videos give me something to look forward to each day even if its not the best.

  23. Rock Says:

    Keep doing your thing Robert! I’m not the benchmark by any means, but like you and Chuck I love the sport in its entirety. It’s all about progression in all sports, especially one as technical as WB. The haters would rather die than watch footage of their first few seasons, they convince themselves that they have looked good on a WB since day one. The dudes who truly love the sport appreciate how stupid they looked every time they went for a pull because it got them where they are today.

  24. beefy Says:

    ha ha hahaha this is gold! wakeboarding is dying…

  25. the truth Says:

    dude just tee it up and if that means less tricks then okay your not Daniel grant you cant do every switchup and every spin off the rail but holy hell don’t send an edit to the kooks at alliance with a ton a zeach energy bc they cum for that. quality and standards are so important to make a good alliance worthy edit. keep this stuff for home footy. cheers. oh btw im def better than this guy im just not posting my name bc 10000000000000000000 kooks will hate me and lets face wakefans are kooks about 99.999 percent of the time!

  26. soft spoken Says:

    Wow the haters have come out. It’s called amateur hour for a reason. I think the video is dope. I also think “truth” is jealous that he doesn’t have the balls to make his own video. I also think “truth” is a liar thinking he has skills. Zeach is the stupidest thing ever. Everyone has their own style. It’s the haters that make the sport lame. If daddy didnt buy you that boat, you might be humble. Robert keep doing your thing. You have been original from the start, which is why the copycats hate you. Copycats meaning followers. The backpack cam is epic and your movie, “Not Just Clockwise” is legit! Oh, yeah…how did you get those sick shots of your boat of your cover photo? Quadcopter?

  27. Stu Padasso Says:

    could not finish it, went straight here cause I knew it would be good lol. Shouldn’t talk shit, but you shouldn’t be lazy; start popping up then spinning, and for gosh darn sakes let’s lock in a halfway decent looking press oh my is that too much to ask for?? honestly though a riders style on rails has a lot to do with their grind base on their board(slower the base=more tension=control to press and pop!) , oh and their athletic ability to control their muscle function.

  28. OWC Guy Says:

    Not to hate… but I see 7 and 9 year olds at OWC with more overall style than this. Rob has a decent set of air tricks… but rails are not his thing. and to “The Truth” wakeboarders and people who actually make an impact in the industry are not kooks. Recreational wakeboarders that are still riding single tip boards are kooks. Have you ever seen kiteboarders… they are kooks!

  29. bro Says:

    @owc guy there are some kiters that are better than some wake pros on rails. A lot ride bindings and no fins just like we do on the cable. This is an amateur hour not an Alliance feature reeelaxxxxx