July 21st, 2011 by alliance

This girl shreds!

Video by Chris Flaxman

This girl shreds!
Video by Chris Flaxman

6 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Tara Pyers”

  1. john Says:

    cool she knows two rail tricks, gotta get rid of the board shorts

  2. Legit Says:

    i bet it’s A LOT more fun to shred with her than you Mr John be Hating… at least she smiles all the time!

  3. GH Says:

    John just hates chicks in general because they hate him…

  4. Jake Says:

    Absolutely rad riding! Ridiculous amounts of style for anyone, not just a girl!

    And the only people who don’t wear board shorts over their wetsuits are waterskiers lol.

  5. Zak Ott Stone Says:

    John is mad she rides better them him! Nice work Tara!


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