August 3rd, 2014 by Amateur Hour

You’ve heard of the three Musketeers; now, meet the three Chaseketeers. Chase Busath, Chase Naylor, and Chase Wright are a bunch of Salt Lake City locals who have grown up wakeboarding and winching in local rivers. They have been inspired by the shredtown dudes and call themselves the ‘The Winch Valley Boys’. This video is of a spot in West Valley Utah where undeveloped land meets a river. They set up a bunch of sliders to create their own little shred park. Now, here’s an edit of them testing out their smaller slider.

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5 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Winch Valley Boys”

  1. Bob Says:

    The hot chick on the phone was the best part of this video

  2. r Says:

    Looks fun. Where in west valley? I live in slc too.

  3. THEDUDE Says:

    Thank god they had those bindings. Don’t think they could have hit that rail without them.

  4. dan Says:


  5. Chase Naylor Says:

    Thanks for posting Alliance!
    I actually just started wakeboarding two months ago tho… I think we meant to say how we grew up SNOWboarding, and finally got wakeboards cuz the Shredtown crew made wakeboarding look enticing to our rail oriented riding.


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