Want to ride for Ronix wakeboards? Be part of the team with Danny, Parks, Chad and Emily? Represent a new wake company with your riding?

Well, then you need to get over to the Projects this weekend and ride at the Ronix Amassault. Ronix is searching for four riders with their own style and vision on wakeboarding, and they’re inviting anyone and everyone who wants a chance to come to the Projects this weekend and ride. Free food, free pulls, all weekend long — all you have to do is get there. And if you can’t make it to the Projects in Florida, wait until next weekend and head out to the Carlsbad Lagoon in California, another Amassault tryout will ge going on then.

I know I’m gonna be at the Projects this weekend working my ass off for my first wakeboard sponsorhip. The chances of me getting one? Eh, about 0%, but it’s like my parents always told me, it’s the effort that counts.

So come on out to the Projects, hang out with some good people, shred some free gnar, and have some fun. I’ll even have my donkey balls set out there for a little tournament — maybe if you’re good enough I’ll sponsor you…