August 6th, 2010 by alliance

It was a long 13 weeks, and many of you were successfully able to decode the riddle. But only one person can win, and that person is Evan Carroll from Clarence, Missouri. He was the first to the actual website and to follow the directions to win. Once we verified he was in no way affiliated with any of the brands involved, and had no advantage, we are excited to congratulate the latest System 2.0 owner.

Evan Carroll, Riddle solver and Sesitec owner

Alliance: Where will you be setting up your new Sesitec System 2.0?

Evan: I’ll be setting it up at my grandparent’s private lake that my grandfather built in NE Missourri. It’s a 700 ft span, so the pretty much the maximum the System will allow.

How did you figure out the riddle?

Me and my dad just sat down every time the email came in and talked about it. I had trouble with the second word, powered, at first because the clue was pretty vague, but  by the third clue for each word I was like, I got it, let’s move on. When you gave the clue for the acronym, that’s when I was like there’s gonna be tons of people that get it. It’s just too easy. The last word, excitement, was tough though because there are so many e words that fit – euphoria, exaltation…

How did you find the site so quickly after we put it up?

I had it figured it out Monday, and I was just checking it every hour. I knew I was right.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

I’m 19 and I’ve been wakeboarding for about 3 years. I’m actually on vacation right now so i was able to check it with the website regularly. I’m hoping to get a lot better this summer and now with the Sesitiec System 2.0 I’ll really be able to get out on the lake whenever I feel like it and practice. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Congratulations again Evan, we’re so happy to have been able to put on this contest and give you the prize. Now for the rest of you…

The rules were quite clear, yet you had to pay attention -
Start the code out with a www. and end it with a .com and this riddle or the middle will make up a website. The first person to go this site is the big Sesitec powered static line influenced System 2.0 winner. Once I am at the website how will I know if I am the first winner?  You will have instructions of what to do next once you get to the website.

To all of those that have sent us nice mails, that enjoyed the contest, thank you in return. Offering the community a prize of this magnitude is a pretty cool thing for Sesitec, Ronix and Alliance to do.

As we mentioned in the first clue, we never said this would be easy. Unfortunately there were many people that thought they could find the site by going around the riddle, from as early as the first week we had numerous people looking up all of the URLs that the principal brands and participants had registered, we had people calling and emailing our web developers and looking up their registered URLs, we even had people calling our hosting companies, representing themselves as one of our employees and hoping to lure them into divulging some info. So our only option was to make sure that the site was entirely hidden until people had figured it out, hence not even registering the URL until Wed Aug 4th. The field was level and the winner was the one who was waiting with the right answer at the right time.

Thank you for playing!

17 Responses to “And the Sesitec System 2.0 Goes too…”

  1. Kyle Wentz Says:

    What time did he send his email, just wondering how close I was

  2. D. Dewey Says:

    You didn’t register the url until Wed? I wonder how many people, including myself, typed that in, on Monday, to no avail. Sounds sketchy.

    Thanks to Pat and the guys bulding 2.0’s for progressing and changing our sport.

  3. James Brown Says:

    Thats pretty weak, i tried that so many times. Congrats to Evan guess someone had to win. Thanks alliance for wasting countless hours of my time

  4. Kevin Pawloski Says:

    What was the riddle?

  5. Dane Says:

    Man this isnt fair i have been slaving over this to win this because me and my friends have wanted this so bad and we guessed that before the last riddle even came out AND after thanks for waistin our time and our hope. This is bogus. Not to take anything away from the dude that won it congrats bro but if they had done it like they said they were goin to maybe things would have been different and somebody who worked as hard as me and my friends did would have won it. (not sayin the guy didnt work hard that won it) But thats ridiculous

  6. Stu Says:

    I 100% agree. Congrats to Evan for sure, not hating at all. Many people took this contest seriously and solved the riddle before the URL was put online. The contest was ‘solve the riddle and it will take you to a website’, not ‘solve the riddle then keep typing the answer into your browser for 3 days until we decide we want to put the website up’

  7. Naysayer Says:

    A couple things to think about…The clues for the second word do not describe “powered”. The first two describe a noun, and although the third says it is an adjective, “powered” still does not fit with “when you get buff you get more of it” you get more of powered? We’ve all been in amazement of powered’s magnitude? We use “powered” to man up our machines? The fourth word has a problem as well. Subtract “D” from dove and get of, right? But the clue instructs to subtract the lowest passing from a name SOUNDING LIKE our white feathered flying friends…So if it is dove, subtract D from a name sounding like Dove…what name would that be? This also fits with “the second half of not below” right? above? hardly. What is the second half of above? half of an “O” and “ve”? It only works with how it sounds.
    The only word that fits this is “on”. 2 lettered preposition. If your white feathered flying friend is a swan then a name sounding like swan is Don. Take away the “lowest passing grade” and there it is, “on”. Not below? UPON. split in half? ON. And yea, excitement can work for the last clue. But really? Never frightened? Adrenaline rush smile? The closest I could find are thoseEYESfrom the NO FEAR logo that happens to make energy drinks called adrenaline rush. which could also lead to Lizard, which is the Logo on the can. “But wait it isnt the 5th letter of the alphabet!” 1) T 2) H 3) E 4) A 5) L…the fifth letter of “the alphabet”. If you ask me, these clues were very poorly written; the answers could have at least fit precisely with the clues. That doesn’t even take into account the 50 million typos throughout the press release and the clues…dissappointing.

  8. Naysayer Says:

    By the way…congrats to the kid that won it, it still took alot of work. And thanks to all the people that put this together because it was pretty awesome for the winner, just pointing out a couple things i noticed…

  9. Eric Says:

    Yeah we had it after clue 11 came out and the monday that clue 13 came out and disregarded it because the website was not put up, thats total Busch League. I feel your pain Dane, cuz we also had it early and my buddies really wanted that cable too.

    Evan, you are a lucky man for typing in the same URL until they put the website up on Weds. Enjoy your system 2

  10. Eric is pissed Says:

    Quote: “The first person to go this site is the big Sesitec powered static line influenced System 2.0 winner”

    False, the first person to go to the site after the URL has been registered is the big Sesitec powered static line influenced System 2.0 winner

  11. Jeremy Byrom Says:

    It is obvious that a lot of people were mislead, otherwise there would not be a major post clause in response to numerous complaints. you are spot on on most of them, but not the ultimate timing. sorry to here so many contestants tried to swindle the thing. good job on your part keeping it from happening.
    It is very understandable that you would want to keep the website from being searched and thus not put up until toward the end. The latest the site should have been posted was the moment clue 13 was posted, NOT days after. Many people were mislead to think that their guesses were wrong. “Sorry Mario…but the princess is in another castle…Ohh just kidding, she will be here in this castle another day.”

  12. John Haile Says:

    First off congrats to the guy that won, and thanks Sesitec, Ronix, and Alliance for the opportunity and for giving one to the community. That was really awesome of you.

    But as a contestent that typed in the link before the link was registered (call me biased) I’m very dissapointed in how long it took to get the website registered.

  13. Natty Says:

    Let’s see how many lawyers we can get to file a lawsuit against these guys

  14. Natty Says:

    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.TIERRA.NET
    Name Server: NS2.TIERRA.NET
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 04-aug-2010
    Creation Date: 04-aug-2010
    Expiration Date: 04-aug-2011

  15. SORE LOSERS Says:

    Boo hoo, you didn’t win. Of course there was LUCK involved, the luck of who happened to be on their computer when the final clue went out. The luck of who could type the fastest. Even if the website was up when it should have been up, sounds like lots of people knew the riddle, so it was the LUCK of who got there first. Sucks they had to wait to put up the site cause people tried to cheat and sucks that you guys are talking shit because someone got a free System 2! Congratulations Evan, sounds like you deserved it. IF i were you I wouldn’t let any of these whiney bitches come ride.

  16. David Says:

    What was the point of subscribing to this contest if the website was not posted until Wed? Nice work to Evan the winner for sticking with it. Alliance, next time you give something away, give everyone a fair chance.

    You basically had us trying to solve a riddle for 2 days without a solution. Nice job…end Rant.

  17. scott Says:

    I have to agree with everyone else on here. Congrats Evan, but this is weak. From the beginning of the contest it was clear that the first person to get to the site wins and that the site was already up. I think it was even stated in the press release that the site was already up and working. I, like many others it seems, tried the website on Monday when I got the clue. It was the first “e” word I thought of and was quickly disappointed. I went on with others and found some very interesting “e” words. I then went on and found some interesting “l” words. Oh well I guess, but I have to say that this contest was poorly run or set up. Again, Congrats to Evan and his dad on the win! Grandparents private lake and a system 2.0! Divine intervention or something else…..