Ladies and gentlemen let us take a moment to introduce to you the latest and greatest issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. The cover features an epic collaboration between South African Wakeskater Dieter Humpsch and the newest photographer to hit the scene, Chris Garrison.



In this issue riders Jimmy Traske, Brian Grubb, Will Christen and Kyle Rattray head to the Northeast to catch the last few runs of the fall season in New Hampshire. Sure the water was cold, but nothing beats the backdrops and clam chowders New England has to offer. If there was ever a tree powerful enough to give you an erection, it lies on the prestigious shorelines within these pages.



Framed is loaded with broken mirrors, wakeskate hurdles, rednecks and a sequence of Josh Twelker that will melt all the chocolate in your freezer. Shota Tezuka also teaches us a lesson in Japanese with aid from Spencer Smith.



Next up we take a look behind the scenes of Ronix’s biggest build to date at the one and only Radar lake. A setup that took nearly 3 months to complete became the playground for team Ronix as they shot for Danny Harf’s Defy. The days of riders building their own rails has long since past, at least for team Ronix. They were busy sipping on tall boys by the bon fire warming up for the epic sessions that followed.



To finish things off we debut our first official fishing tournament at the greatest watering hole in the state of Florida, the Projects. 3 hours, 14 anglers, and 139 fish on is the best way to sum this one up. It was a battle all the way down to the last 20 minutes when McKee pulled out the monster 10 pounder. Byerly took the trophy for best vessel while BT and Grubb took the title for the most length of fish.


So there it is, issue 12.3 in a nutshell. Take it to the toilet till you cant feel your toes…