So here we sit at the Surfing Exposition … the entire Alliance staff. It’s an awesome place to be if you have extreme products to hawk or if you’re a 15-year-old girl or boy, or if you want to see famous people dropping by the booth. I mean seriously, we’ve had Danny Hampson from Oakley Wake, Parks Bonifay of Ronix and MasterCraft, Justin Stephens of Liquid Force Films and Josh Letchworth of Josh Letchworth Photography ( stop by all within the last hour. Oh, by the way, Alliance has a booth again this year. Oh, if you haven’t done it yet, check out the new version of the wakeskate magazine – I’m sitting here with Brooke Geery, and she’s really proud of her new baby. Travis Dopp says hello, too. How many members of the Alliance staff does it actually take to write a web story? Well, this one took three. Stay tuned for some product updates and pictures of more famous people. Be nice to your pets.