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Steffen Vollert takes advantage of the warm days in Florida whenever he’s in town. Here’s a few clips from his adventures around the state.

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16 Responses to “Around Florida with Steffen Vollert”

  1. view1 Says:

    Cool song! What is the name?

  2. BOSS Says:

    Steffen sucks.

  3. kyle Says:

    I wouldn’t say he sucks but for a pro and not an amature hour it was pretty weak

  4. Jb Oneill Says:

    Ya steffen that was sick

  5. juju Says:

    why are there soooooooo many haters on here that are super critical of everything. wheres your video your in?

  7. pleaseno Says:

    cable riding looks so gay in videos. ya its fun but thats about it.

  8. unitneedstodie Says:

    I agree. UNIT OBSTACLES ARE RUINING THE SPORT! Every cable park and every video has the same exact rails… How is that making the sport better? Does every snowboard mountain have the same rails? Hell no. They are all custom made specifically for that park. This industry needs more diversity.


  9. agree Says:

    Unit needs to make custom rails for each cable park that wants their obstacles. Why travel to any cable park anymore? If you have ridden one Unit park you have ridden them all.

  10. jerryspringer Says:

    unit had a good idea in the beginning but have not progressed as a company by any means. we all need to work together to make this sport better and stop letting the lazy people get away with doing the same thing year after year. progression is key my friends.

  11. Deano Says:

    Air tricks for days

  12. kyle Says:

    for the price they charge they definitely should be customized.

  13. wakeboarder Says:

    there are still some parks that make all of their rails

  14. wakeboarder Says:

    nollie bs180 the bucket was sweet

  15. different stuff Says:

    Agreed. More handrails please! Getting a bit sick of all the boxes. There are about a million and one other things we can be hitting! Lets get rid of the training wheels already.

  16. John Dreiling Says:

    Whats with all the hating at the top?? if your gonna hate at least be specific. This video was tight. You guys may not like his style, but that doesnt change the fact that he has style, whether you like it or not is an opinion. critisim to help someone, thats cool. but straight up hating, no need for that


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