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Nick Dorsey, Dylan Miller, and Dustin O’Ferrall traveled south from the cold Canadian winter to hit up Hexagon Wake Park in North Carolina. Enjoy the shred!

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11 Responses to “Around Hexagon”

  1. Alex Graydon Says:

    I love this. Good work fellas

  2. Shapiro Says:

    Dude, who do they think they are?

  3. Califer Says:

    Pro wakeboarders with good style (except Dustin) and more originality than the majority of Pros ?

  4. Brenden Leib Says:

    I hope that’s sarcasm^

  5. Brenden Leib Says:

    Dusty has some of the best steez.

  6. dylan is lazy Says:

    guys this song is not apPROpriate is talking about that dang liquid weed stuff? hipsters these days

  7. ASAP*shredder Says:

    Man… i need to get some wax… Does slingshot sell it?

  8. Nick Says:

    PERFECT SONG!! Bout time I hear some rap on a video…especially since I’m one of the FEW black wakeboarders/wakeskater

  9. shredforces Says:

    mister miller when are you gonna bust a steezy front flip out on a pipe rail

  10. chad kroeger Says:

    Dang homies one of the sickest park edits, these guys always have sick parts.

  11. wannasnowboard Says:

    had to have heard that song in a standard gangsta snowboard edit


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