Aussi Adventure part 2

After leaving Sydney, we stopped in Raymond Terrace and had the pleasure of staying with the Oliver Family on their riverfront paradise. We have been crispy and sun burnt a majority of our trip. The sun is very intense here and we have been told that it is our (Americans) fault for burning holes in the ozone. Were sorry for being a part of this ozone crisis, and we are doing everything we can to cutback on the air pollution. Melissa has traded her gas guzzling boat in for a winch. We feel like were changing the world one day at a time. Wearing Zink as much as possible is a good idea while having fun in the sun. Anyway back to the story…

After we rode on the glassy water of the Williams River, Crystal taught us how to go horseback riding. While waiting to ride the horse, Melissa threw poop at Shelby. Luckily, Shelby is a ninja and dodged the poop, but is constantly plotting her revenge. As expected, Amber definitely knows how to ride a horse and excelled far beyond the skills of both Shelby and Melissa. After mastering our wakeboard skills and horseback riding, we were ready to head to Port Maquarie to compete in the second Australian Pro Tour stop. After the stop, we rented the lake out for the morning for a rail session for all of the girls. Then we headed north to the beautiful surf town called Byron Bay, where we are enjoying the constant smell of flowers. The surf is tubular, and there is about 100 people paddling out when it is good. Talk about extreme. Heading up to the Gold Coast for the remainder of the trip. Aaron Grace has taught us many things with his age and wisdom. The most important being that you should always have a good bronze base; therefore we are exited to be all bronzed up for the Goldy. Crikey!