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Austin Hair went wakeboarding on the 4th of July. What did you do?
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28 Responses to “Austin Hair – The 4th”

  1. Yo Says:

    He has accrued some strange sponsors.

  2. beer Says:

    whyd he waste that beer??

  3. Denis Says:

    What a cook

  4. beers Says:

    terrible style and shitty video

  5. Martim Says:

    usually the ‘haters’ on alliance do have a point.. their comments add a juicy feeling to the experience of watching a simple wake edit.

    My opinion on this edit and Austin as a rider:
    a) i admire this guy for being really good at both cable and boat

    b) the edit does not have the best camera/shooting quality.. he is a pro rider should watch out for quality.

    c) some of the moves were really nice and fresh, off axis stale bs 180 to the flats. .. indy g spot.. etc

  6. Yolanda Says:

    Love the edit and the riding! I’ve seen him at owc and he kills it. You’d never think he was a pro Wakeboarder off the water. He’s so nice and is humble!

  7. rodger Says:

    morons. this dood is killing it.

  8. Fred Says:

    If the “it” you describe is short for “the sport of wakeboarding”, then yes, he is most definitely killing “it”.

  9. jhill Says:

    you haters should know that you’re boy Awesome Hair got 2nd at the PWT with a run from ’99.

  10. PWT#1Fan Says:

    I guess that means the PWT is super awesome!

  11. Jesco White Says:

    Austin is the man. its good that the sport has a good influential guy like him when its full of guys who are horrible influences

  12. TheSpangler Says:

    Hahah having fun and waking, I like this edit! TheSpangler salutes the TS Indy Backroll to blind at 1:14!

  13. TryTooHard Says:

    It always seems like this guy is trying way too hard. Credit to his riding ’cause he’s obviously got good tricks and good consistency (and decent style), but all of his videos seem to have this super cheesy element that just make him look more awkward than funny. It’s a tough world when you try to be funny and nobody is laughing (or they’re laughing at you when you want them to laugh with you). Stick to the riding and leave the comedy to Bob.

  14. tehehe Says:


  15. Jake Says:

    This is terrible. Common Alliance your better than this… I’m not mad I guess, just a little disappointed. I am mind boggled at how this guy makes a living on the water.

  16. bokdoos Says:

    For all you haters. Go get your Red Epic and throw down some sick moves for a killer edit……oh wait! All you have is an iPhone and a back roll in your bag. SFU and stop being such negative douchebags. I’ll take his bag of tricks any day.

  17. Austin's Ex Gf Says:

    He rides hard! I like it

  18. Austin's current GF Says:

    Um excuse me? ^^^ who are you? I’ll kill you

  19. Israeli army Says:

    You just straight up killed that wave! We will need you to take down this next tour stop! Sababa?

  20. Austin's Mom Says:

    GOOD JOB Honey!!!

  21. Austin's dad Says:

    That’s my boy! My little American sun! Take the trash out now and finish your chores!

  22. everyone Says:

    I don’t like this guy.

  23. everyone (actually) Says:

    the funny thing about this whole conversation is if any of you got the chance to ride w austin you’d probably take it and then ask for advice on tricks. Whats even better is austin wouldn’t make fun of your riding after you fall on your ungrabbed hs fs 360. you people are lame

  24. Jake Says:

    Everything is about personal opinion. And to me this just doesn’t look good. I’ve seen much worse before, but this is a lame edit. Stick to your riding, the fireworks in reverse motion make you look like a 16 year old boy hitting puberty.

  25. Austin Says:

    Let me tell you a joke… Starts with my riding and ends with my style!!

  26. WTF Says:

    This is a joke… What a goon.

  27. brandon Says:

    there are so many haters in wakeboarding now. It’s funny because they all suck so they have to waste their time talking shit about pro riders like they are better or something.. douche bags.

  28. bluegrass wake Says:

    I really dont know who wastes an Ameri-Can on 4th of July… besides Austin Hair


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