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15 year old Austin Polterock turned pro this year in is loving every second of it. Here is a little edit of him taking advantage of the first full size cable in California!
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18 Responses to “Austin Polterock At Wake Island”

  1. Kyle Says:

    I guess the distinction of pro varies from sport to sport

  2. trey Says:

    i guess hating and being jealous of a 15 year old kid varies also. good job austin. keep having fun!

  3. Michael Says:

    No doubt the kid is good but would’ ve at least liked to see more than a up rail and kicker…..

  4. jamie Says:

    it’s not hating and being jealous. Sometimes the term pro is used way too loosely, and some brands bring riders up through the ranks in a way where that term actually has meaning. (watermonsters!) He’s a talented up and coming rider and that’s really great, but that doesn’t make you “pro.” watch any wakeskate tour vid and compare the talent.

  5. thisisagayvideo Says:

    how is he pro? he did the same hit everytime…… i think they must mean he rides in pro division…

  6. Broc Says:

    haters gon hate. Get it Austin!

  7. Convergence mascot Says:

    Kid rips it!!!! Don’t judge him on a 3 min edit. He beat George behind the boat at wake games. Get it Austin!

  8. ProsVsJoes Says:

    Give these guys a break, geez. Alliance doesn’t know any better, it’s a wakeboarding site.

  9. jabronie Says:

    the kid can barely do a kick flip and he’s pro? he’s def good for a 15 year old but still needs a lot more time. why doesn’t he ride in any of the other wake skate tour stops with all the other pros?

  10. Austin Says:

    Im not pro the guy who did the editing was a wAKeboarder and didnt know what to say… Im not very good at cable… im a wake to wake rider… sorry if my riding doesnt please you! just having fun!

  11. Jeff S. Says:

    Austin, you fucking kill it kid! Screw what all these haters are saying… we all know you are riding pro comps but you are not pro yet

  12. Andrew Masi Says:

    Great riding austin! you shouldn’t think that your bad at cable because you are shredding! would love to see an all around video. Few more years and you’ll be a threat on the Wakeskate tour!

    side note, wake sports should have a clear distinction of who they flow, consider amateurs, and then their pro teams.

  13. Austin Says:

    @Andrew Masi thanks man! Well actually i am not on wakesports anymore and switched to a different supplier! Im stoked you like the riding!

  14. Joe Says:

    Maybe he could do more if the cable wasn’t so lame, get some real obstacles Wake Island! RAD rails suck! Get some UNIT!

  15. kanye west Says:

    this kid is fucking good… i dont care what anyone says…. he shreds

  16. Andrew Masi Says:

    yeah man. i didn’t mean wakesports as a company, i meant wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing ( i guess) do not have clear divisions between flow, amateur and pro divisions.

  17. Gunther Says:

    Finally some flip tricks. way to progress. Do the Toe jam next year in the boat comp.

  18. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    shredded! good job!


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